Being naked

As i live on my own i like to walk round the house naked or in stockings,my 15yo nephew started showing up and would moan i took to long answering the door,I finally told him why weeks after and he said who cares i do that myself at home we should try it together if you're not scared,this is where i didn't think i agreed and said he should strip off upstairs,he came down the stairs and in to the living room and i took my gown of and in a blink of an eye his d*** was hard and e********* without touching himself,I've told him it's normal but he was embarrassed,we done it everyday up till the lockdown,I like knowing i make him c**,I'm sure i could of got him in to bed.



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  • Do what you like. I did it-true friends did not mind me naked.

  • Good story. I choose to believe it. Keep it going with your nephew.. THAT IS VERY HOT. Naked in your stockings is so sexy. If you enjoy being naked in his presence, and he obviously is enjoying you... By all means continue. Maybe a bed with him is in your future, take it slow and allow you both to enjoy the present.

  • Thats a great storry, but seems fake.
    also it would be to good for both to be true.

    Its definatly fake.

  • He is under age

  • What!!! Go to jail now. Bill Cosby waiting for you. Oh God, get some help. You need it.

  • It's natural . I don't know your age but I'm but I'm guessing your nephew has seen your f**** and wanks over you.
    He no doubt thinks of f****** you.

  • She can wait for when it's over then carry on.

  • What do you do now, lock down is on?

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