Pool peeing

My friend travels and asks me to watch his house and water his plants. In return he washes my car for me. Not a bad deal, since I hate to wash my car and don't want to pay to have it washed. He also said I can use his pool. Well, the first time, I invited 4 of my sorority sisters and my bf, and some of the the girls brought a guy too. We hung out all day, drinking beer and eating pizza and having fun. We didn't really spend much time in the pool; it was one of the first nice days of the spring and the water was f****** cold. Problem arose: no place to pee. So I hung my ass over the edge and peed in the pool. Soon, everyone was peeing in the pool. All day long. By late afternoon, more sisters showed up with beer and more pizza. One of them started wading into the pool until we told her what we'd been doing! We continued into the evening. Pools make wonderful pee toilets.

Apr 22, 2020

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  • Yeah, everyone pees in pools, when we have late night parties we all p*** into the pool too.

  • Pool are there to f*** in ass our f****

  • Unless you got banged in the pool, or had experimented with your sorority sisters - this is a nothing burger.

  • If you're a female, I would of drunk your p***, and your girlfriends too

  • Boring

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