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Im in love with a married man and I hate his wife partially because I wish it was me instead but also because she's a manipulative pedophile. I wish there was something worth telling him if its my feelings for him or my desire for him to get way from her but all I can do is hope she'll get hit by a bus.

Apr 22, 2020

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  • It's possible you might think this confession was about you, R.
    You're wrong.
    She's many things, but a pedo isn't one of them.
    And I don't want you!

  • How do you know she's a pedophile? if she is he married her and also if that's what he told you. you're a complete moron. see you soon on the I.D. channel idiot

  • I fell in love with a married guy too. He was sweet and a best friend to me. The chemistry we had together was electric. I so wanted him to ditch his wife and marry me. It came close once, when he separated from his wife for a few months. For a while I had him to myself. But he didn't want to divorce her for financial reasons and f****** went back to her. I cut off ties with him but it took me four years or so for the wounds to heal in my heart. I still bear the scars.

  • If she’s a pedo it shouldn’t be hard to get rid of her. Hire a PI to get some dirt.

  • I went out with a married man for several years. I finally got tired of being in second place in his life and gave him an ultimatum. He went back to his wife and family full time. That was Christmas two years ago. I regretted the result every day. After three months, I went to see him and told him I wanted him back even if it wasn't full time like I had demanded. He said he already had someone else. I had been replaced like I was nothing. That hurt more than anything else. We had f***** and f***** and f***** like animals. We had told each we were in love. But I realized that, to him, I was disposable. I may not ever get over that.

  • You need to understand the deal.

    When you are the other woman, you are exciting. He will give you gifts and meet you for secret get togethers. It is exciting for him and you feel really loved. But it's a false love. If you understand the deal then it's OK. If you think it's real love you are f*****.

  • Men are so obvious when they are pedophiles. Mothers though are so subtle and they convince everyone that what they are doing is in the best interests of the child. It may not be sexual penetration like a man would but more using the kid to further their own image. Like my mom forced me to always wear cute clothes. I grew up in the 1970's and boys wore short shorts but my mom was intense about it. She would get the clothing catalogs from the mail box and take me and we would go and buy exactly the outfits shown. Also she would choose them several sizes too small. Until I was 13 she would come into the change room with me. I was made to try on smaller and smaller sizes until I could just squeeze in. Then I would have to wear them with long socks.

    I was the poster child for her to show off with. Whenever she met another mother I had to stand quietly beside her and she would assign me some task or other to demonstrate my obedience and then I might be dismissed to play and all the other mothers would complement her on how nice I looked and how well behaved I was.

  • I understand how you feel. I've been deeply involved with a married man for almost a year and I love him more than anyone I've ever known. I want his babies so bad, even if they have to be illegitimate. But the dilemma is even morepowerfully evident since the beginning of the virus restrictions. He shelters with his hideous wife and their retarded children, and meantime, I've only seen him five times in the last six weeks. The s** has been spectacular every time, but he leaves me to go back to them every time. I'm ready for regular s** again. And I f****** need it.

  • I will have you instead my love

  • You've put yourself in a no-lose situation. It's no-lose because you know you can't win. He already belongs to another woman, so there's no way you lose even if he abandons you......which he surely WILL do, and you already know it. But you'll rationalize that because he wasn't yours to start with. You kid yourself that he keeps proving his love for you byrepeatedly leaving his wife on the few nights you see him because he comes by in secret and crawls up between your legs, allowing you to believe that he must care more for you than her, that he must want you more than her, that you must be sexier, more beautiful and more desirable than she is, because he keeps leaving her for you and your bed. You will allow him to do things to you that she won't permit, because it shows him how important he is to you, when you don't see that his willingness to degrade you is not a sign of caring but rather total disrespect. In fact, you will allow that behavior to continue until one day he tells you "feels obligated" to her, so much so that he must, "in good conscience" go back and "work on his marriage and his family", and when he says that you will know immediately that (1) he means he's used you up and can't degrade you anymore, (2) you will be too old to get another man who you might actually love. Look carefully at this man you claim you love and ask yourself whether or not you don't actually see this already happening. You are wasting your time --- and your life --- on a man who doesn't love you. He only loves himself.

  • I'm very sorry for whatever inspired that, but he has't cheated. I don't stand a chance with him afterwards, but he deserves better that her.

  • I wonder what makes her a podophile

  • I agree, and not just a pedophile, but a manipulative one. HOW???

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