Am I a Bad Person?

There's a Video which features two men brutally killing an innocent Man without any remorse or justification. I've always been fascinated by murder, so I looked it up and watched about 6 seconds before exiting. It was horrendous. I only saw the Cameraman walking around, and then a split second of the beginning of the murder, but I exited quickly after it started, feeling sick to my stomach.
Am I A Bad Person for looking the video up, and worse, watching some of it?



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  • What your reaction should tell you is that you don't know a lot about yourself. reality is different from the one you imagine in your head. which can often be subconscious. your fascination with murder might be more of a wanting to be confident in protecting yourself absolutely. the fact that you asked if you are a bad person indicates that you might care about that. people in most cases choose to be bad.

  • Yes, you are. You're a very bad person. In fact, you're a #sickfuck.

  • Not normal psychopath

  • As long as you are not jerking off to it, you are perfectly normal. Enjoy the show.

  • #yousickfuck

  • I used to watch “faces of death” on VHS when I was young. I have no desire to see them now. I probably couldn’t stomach it now. Leave it as a temporary fascination and move on.

  • I always wanted to see a beheading . but now they are impossible to find.

  • You say you have always been fascinated by murder. If thats from a police point nothing wrong with that. If your are fascinated by the murder's view get help right away. I love watching the first 48 because I love when the suspect is caught and they know it. The only part I don't like it the sentencing part the death penalty should be used a lot more and not take decades to do it. It should happen right after found guilty.

  • Not at’s natural to be curious of something like that. I would be interested in viewing the video.

  • You don't have to be a bad person. Forgive yourself and learn to make better choices, especially regarding the crap that is available on the internet.

  • Yes sir you are a disgusting person who enjoys everyone else pain...repent

  • Aw bollocks. Its human curiosity we all do it. Oh btw i have repented... the hall stairs and living room. You sanctimonious t***. Bet your searching right now??

  • Nah, we've just attracted yet another OCD case. This one can't post a sentence without 'repent' in it. For all I know it's my next door neighbor, the 40something virgin who lives at home and blasts religious metal several times a day and is always unemployed.

  • Fuck yourself

  • Truth hurt, little incel? Poor baby :)

  • I said f urself

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