Girls r mean

I am only 14 but i feel like bad ** keeps getting thrown at me. I will not go into detail about all i have been through because some is a bit graphic and it says not to talk about that. But some simple stuff such as getting picked on because of my race, my facial features and my weight has always been an issue. Last year a girl made a video with her mate and posted it all over social media. She was basically mocking me for being asian and constantly saying the p word and n word as if it was nothing. I took the right precautions of course and did what i was supposed to do but it still always makes me think that this is the way i will get viewed the rest of my life. You see if they made a video about my weight or my hair i would not mind as i can change these features but my ethnicity, the colour of my skin! I can't change it kinda hurt. But we move on i guess.

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The night my sister got in in the pool

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  • Dude... Do that ** back to them. go on Twitter post their photos @ those names and tell Twitter they are being racist to you and Twitter will handle it

  • HAHA best advice

  • Get off of "social media". Get an education and then a good job.

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