I ate a sandwhich

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  • OH MY GOD! You utter FREAK!!

  • Condiment selection?

  • Did you get a beer? Shoulda got you a beer.

  • What type bread?

  • Did you have chips? A sandwich should be eaten with chips. I hope you got chips.

  • In a vegetarian.

  • So thats what's wrong with you!!!!

  • I like mayonaise on mine.

  • Good on you, mate

  • Epic : I fuckedd your moma

  • Well incest is the best

  • Very true

  • Did you spread some of your c** on it from morning masturbation??

  • How come you have to turn a simple post as I ate a sandwich into s e x and dumb moments? For the OP did you like your sandwich?

  • Yes

  • Uh... you ARE aware of the site you're on right now? It's five or six normal people hacking on noisy mental cases with overactive fantasy lives. That kind of thing tends to happen here.

  • Well, I never

  • I had a poison big Mac and large order of fries

  • Ham? Turkey? Roast Beef?

  • Really!!!!!

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