#metoo propaganda

Women need to take responsibility for their actions. Stop lying on men. Get that rape kit. Make a complaint to the police to be on file. Stop breaking up traditional families and homes. Leave married men alone. Stop begging and asking for favors. Stop flirting on the job. Dress appropriate for work or any place. Stop teaching your daughters to be whores. Let them be little girls. Act like an adult. Stop whining and crying for eveything. Stop telling women to leave their husband's over stupid things.

Apr 25, 2020

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  • Well now, that's the most obvious troll I've ever seen in all my years reading s*** on the internet.

  • Are you embarrassed because you recognize some of your own actions in the OP? All of that happens in the real world and only the people who do it pretend it doesn't.

  • ^This right here! And I'm a woman. So sick of the double-standard GAME women play that ends up perpetuating this problem instead of ending it!

  • Hahaha how much of a cuck do you have to be to care about women flirting at work hahaha Go get some money, find a hobby or maybe teach fellow tiny “d**k men to keep there hands to themselves. Women can leave there husbands for whatever reason they want. Shape up buddy, your girl probably already thinking about leaving you

  • Oh wook, teh incels and Nice Girls are whining about their common enemy. Again. Online.

    You're nothing more than whiny b**** broken records.

    "I'm HaTiNg On WoMeN sO mYsOgYnIsT bEfShItTeRs WiLl LiKe Me! MaYbE tHeY wOn'T mUrDeR mE wHeN tHeY dEcIdE oThEr PeEpUl WhO aReN'T ReSpOnSiBlE fOr ThEiR BuLlShIt HaVe tO dIe BeCaUsE tHeY cAn't GeT LaId! IM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS COOOOOEEEEEEEE"

  • Wtf

  • Send out the ghostface killahs to shut these b****** DOWN!!

  • I'm gonna start rapin' them b******. All of 'em.

  • That's a nice little fantasy, sweetie. Almost as nice as the quiet woman you target who turns out to have a fully stocked punishment dungeon and a very large boyfriend.

  • Who needs a boyfriend? I guarantee I can deadlift more than what "rapin boy" up there weighs.

  • Feminist have destroyed western culture. And don't get me started with 'woke' people

  • Well, you americans started this war. you did said you wanted a independent girl. now you cant do nothing with them

  • There's a huge difference between "independent girls" and the kinds of women who do everything OP mentioned. Too bad mouth-breathing SJWs are incapable of telling the difference.

  • Nuance and shades of gray have no place in modern America. We must react by either screaming at everyone we don't agree with and nodding along blindly with everyone we do. NO VARIATION!

  • I have a few words for women. stay away from my husband. don't start none wont be none

  • Too late. Tell him he should get that mole on his thigh looked at, it's gotten weird-looking over the years. Won't be none because you'll never catch me, honey

  • Worked in a woman's world for 30 years. They ruin everything they touch. Never stop whining about each other. Will not work cooperatively. Undermine and sabotage each other. Take lots of time off. Have no loyalty to the organisation. I could go on with this truth. After all the years at my age the best advice is never ever trust what she says. Look at what she does. These are comments not criticisms. Truth is truth is truth. Good luck you younger bois.

  • They just need to quit being b******. But that's never gonna happen. Never.

  • I agree with you, that's why I work with men

  • It's very fashionable to be a "victim"

  • That's got nothing to do with gender. Playing victim is now the national pastime, the louder the "better"!!

  • Dude, that is the total MF truth! Well said!!

  • If everyone understands the deal then there is no issue. Once upon a time the rules were simpler. Now days anything goes. The problem is when both have not understood what is happening.

    So a woan attracts a man by wearing sexy clothes and flirting. he's married and uses her for s**. If they both understand that then that's OK. But if she somehow thins he's going to leave his wife then he does not understand the deal.


  • I heard that along time ago. now im starting to believe it.

  • You have to give them frequent beatings.

  • As if you've ever touched a breathing female, let alone "beat" one. Go back to your Playstation, boi


  • A woman should be beaten, not tolerated.

  • Whatever, boy. Raise a hand to your mama, see how she takes that

  • No wtf or raped

  • You are a b******

  • Someone don't like the truth here.


  • Hey to all the men out here. DO NOT TRUST WOMEN. I'm a woman with a husband and boys. I hate when women don't take responsibility for their actions. I worked with women that do that. They flirt with men in the job and these men ignore them. Here we go with metoo propaganda. They accuse them of sexual assault. Women are nobodies friend. Women can't get along with other women. Especially the ugly eomen. I mean so damn ugly, you can't for a minute in your chair. I'm very pretty and the men know that. But also I don't talk to no man. I have a husband and they know too. They never expect me. I also let them know up front. Don't f*** with me. I have a job to do. I carry myself like a lady. I always dress appropriately. My hair is always done and neat. I don't know these women problem. They have a lot of hate in them, because mommy did not spend time with them. And that is true. I worry you men have to go thru this with these american. I don't even have a name for these. Its a name a man has to create and we follow suit. Like for instsnce, funky dog head b#tch. Well you know the rest. When a man get angry, you have a new name.

  • Like many gals before, and many yet to come, I used my body and my mind to get what I wanted. My body attracts men to me --- along with my clothing choices, my hair, my stockings, my shoes, and my smoking --- but it is my ability to seduce that puts the hook in them. Once I go to work on a man, he is all mine. I've ended the marriages and destroyed the families of multiple men I wanted for myself, to make them my property.
    I have no regrets. I am nearly 60 and am set for life. I'm not the first. I won't be the last. Men love me. All of them. Including YOU. You know it's true. Admit it. CONFESS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol like 60 year old women are attractive hahahah

  • Yes, that is true. I admit it! Everything you said is true. I want to eat your c*** and your a*** cavity. Everything about you is sexy and edible. EVERYTHING!!!!!

  • How do you know a woman wrote that. read it carefully


  • I also admit it. I love you. I confess!!

  • I'm a woman and I hate women. YUK!! I'm not l****. Girl you are barking up the wrong tree

  • What!!! Shut up, you are one stupid fool if you expect people to believe that

  • Suck my dickk will you


  • Honey its the same tool I used to impregnate you moma and u came outta her nasty c***

  • The only thing your tool has ever been in is your right hand

  • The isolated examples you list are probably true in your own view of your own experience. However, you are the one responsible for that. People are just trying to survive and sometimes manipulation and power grabs are part of the game. You need to build a little emotional strength and a more positive point of view. You might also want to hire an escort, pay her fairly and tell her about your anguish. She can make you feel much better. You might also be helping her feed and house her children because her dead-beat husband is long gone.

  • A woman cannot make a man feel what. And you are the reason for this # metoo agenda

  • You are not very smart, are you? Just looking for someone to whine at.

  • I have f ucked my way to the top of the corporate ladder and have no regrets. I'm good at what I do, both sexually and professionally. I have 4 kids to feed,educate and clothe.

  • You should be killed immediately.

  • Your children should be taking away from you. You are a disgrace to women that want to be a mother. If I ever see you, the child protective services will take your children and you will never see them again

  • I could #metoo a few guys, but I won't. I accepted their advances because I worked in an industry where it was competitive and women had to f*** their way to the top. I don't have to do that anymore, but I did. No regrets.

  • Are women too incompetent for anything else? Lol no wonder nobody takes them seriously.

  • Why didn't you??? You are a liar and a trouble maket

  • I'd reply to you, but wtf is a "maket"?

  • He or she meant to say trouble maker. keep up

  • Then they need to do so, instead of typing like Helen Keller. And you're a mongoloid for defending them... oh wait, you ARE them aren't you.

  • I'm a woman and I don't trust women with a 20 foot pole. I'm not afraid to say it. These b****** don't pay my bills. I love men with all my heart. I don't do business or be friends with women that harm men for satisfaction and fun and games. Women are their own worst enemy.

  • Why do you sermonize in this way. We like to be free with jobs and economic security on our won and want men to be partner not bosses. We want to dress as we feel easy and comfortable - even bra-less and lacy lingerie....

  • Then be free without a man you try to control

  • You fail to understand basic male biology, hormones, psychology. The basic instincts of men and women will always be there regardless of how civilized we may be.
    These are maslow hierarchy of needs. Women cannot provoke a basic primal instinct in men and expect not to arouse men. Also some women love to tease men to the point of getting their libido maxed out then engage in a false intimate moment to then pull the rug out under them. This is why we have social rules and rules of engagement when dealing with other people.
    A few douchbag guys are guilty, but most men have been lured to be labeled as abusers when they are not.

  • You are a not a man. How would you. Know. That's why you are by yourself. You are beneath any man always will. And any educated woman that don't lie a man

  • Why you women want to boss men around like damn children. And try that s*** other eomen. You women losing a battle. So give it up. We are tired of you and your bull s***. We just to live in peace with you accusing every man you see so it can be hook line and sinker. We rather be alone and happy and be miserable

  • Then be alone and happy... and SILENT. Nobody wants to hear your juvenile cries

  • Women do like to chase married men. Especially the white ones

  • That's a real one

  • A lot of women dress like s**** then kick off when men look at them sexually.

  • Or when they've had the inevitable baby. Five years ago they were hanging their tiddies out for everyone to see, but now that one of those udders has a kid suctioned onto it it's all "STOP STARING AT MEEEE, I'M NOURISHING MY CHIIIIIILD!!!" Of course they're still making sure everyone can see those tiddies, just like five years ago. There's just faux outrage added on now thanks to the precious baybee.

  • Lol, so true. Women like that will never stop fishing for attention

  • That's what they do

  • They need to take responsibility. I'm tired of seeing men lose their career over dumb white woman

  • Why would you say white women??? Please tell me

  • Because he's a bitter black racist who's very sad that he wasn't born a white woman

  • Nobody wants to be a white women. They are nothing but laughable.

  • Then why are you so bitter that you are not one?

  • Another woman hating on women.

  • I will tell you why, you desperately seeking attention in the wrong places

  • No, because you're a racist and a sexist and have really big problems in life, even for someone who hangs around this site

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