Kid flashed me while I was babysitting

This weekend I was babysitting for this mom who’s a friend of my mom. She’s single and has two boys 11 and 8. I always knew they were kinda weird but yesterday took the cake. I guess the 11 y/o got a crush on me or something. I caught him staring at my b**** more than once. I ignored it cause like come on. He’s just a kid. But then out of nowhere I walk in and he stands up and flops his d*** out at me. Scariest part is that it was long too. Guess that’s why he did it.. I just turn and ran..

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  • Did you lik it?

  • Why would you post this? So people can jackit to your sick twisted story.

  • What you don't know what to do with a d***??

  • I saw your confession on another site, but why did you run from him? He would have really enjoyed it if you talked to him.

  • Suck his d***

  • Sickfuck pedo

  • He's just being a goofy kid, and he's probably attracted to you. If he keeps doing it, tell his mom about it, and maybe she can whip some sense into him.

  • Don't run from him just for a large d***. Rather talk to him and try to understand him. If he is happy with flashing, ask him to show his c*** and examine it close. In return shown a piece of your b****. Make a worthwhile arrangement with his eroticism that suite you too.

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