Cant stand privileged people

I constantly run into people who vent about there life problems, im a really great friend and listener but its starting to get to me how perfect these peoples lives are and how one thing goes bad and they act like its the end of the world, i know there use to perfect but it really destroys me mentally
As an example my girlfriends dad “went off at her” her words but he just asked why she was late for dinner, but she full texted me saying “i hate this guy, i never have freedom” and just absolutely absurd stuff that was inappropriate all because he asked a question she didnt get punished or nothing and she carried on, and alot of my friends act the same way, i don’t understand. (Yes shes white, and so are most of my friends)
My life was far from perfect but i never complain about it because it only hurts me mentally like i grew up in a house of 7. My dad and my step mum and her kids and we never had food or lollies or soft drinks, we lived off cans of tuna and spaghetti in a can, god is was heaven if you were lucky to get the spaghetti with meatballs in the can, like i dont know why im complaining but like its frustrates like i slept on the floor so my younger brothers could sleep on the couch and my sisters go a room with a bunk bed and a single bed, i spent the weekend in my school uniform cause i didnt have much clothes, we washed our clothes in the shower with us which was always cold water and hung them outside on balcony, we never had toilet paper, like the crisis with everyone buying toilet paper triggers such bad anxiety cause the thought of me not having toilet paper now actually makes me have a panic attack like as a kid we have to s*** and we had to choices walk around with a dirty butt crack or we was with our hands and believe me you do what you can (i know its disgusting but i had no choice). Since i moved out i been so happy but whenever someone acts like there life is falling apart cause there mum didnt buy them a 2014 bmw instead they got the 2013 bmw I actually want to beat them up like thinking how good there lives are makes me frustrated and angry not because im jealous just because the way they act is so stupid.

Apr 28, 2020

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  • I just realized I'm lucking, guess what fck off and go to work.

  • Go find new friends or be alone

  • Calm down...The problem is we don’t count how blessed we are...they haven’t seen the life as you described..Don’t let this trouble you just listen and throw the garbage out of your mind

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