Uncle has me jerking and blowing him

I'm 16 and really a feminine looking boy. 5 feet tall and 105 lbs. I have longish brown hair and green eyes. I had never have been with anyone and don't know if I'm gay or straight. I was a virgin.

I've been staying with my favorite uncle (mom's brother) who 32 since the Covid 19 lock down started in California. Mom is in the national guard and is deployed. I worship my uncle, he is tall, strong and so good looking. He always treated me like gold. Even at 16, I would climb in his lap and he held me, my head on his shoulder. He stroke hair and touch my exposed skin. Since I was 7 when we were alone at his house, I get undressed only wearing underwear. It felt so good having him caress me all over I felt so loved and safe with him.

On the first night, my uncle seduced me when I was high on weed. I gave in right away as he began kiss my neck and lips.

He said, I love you, I want to make love to you. I started to cry. I said, I'm a virgin I don't know what to do. He kissed me and picked me up and carried me to his bed. And said, I'll show you what to do.

He was so gentle, he pulled of my underwear and then my c*** was in his mouth I'm small only 4 inches when hard and he gave me my first BJ. I came after a few minutes and he swallowed. He kissed me, I could taste my c**. Now it your turn. My uncle is all man, his c*** is 8 or 9 inches, I was scared as he entered my mouth. He lasted 20 minutes and then groaned, Baby I'm c****** swallow it please. I struggled swallowing it all.

We kissed for a time and I fell asleep in his arm. The next morning he took my a*** virginity. It hurt at first, he so big and then it didn't. By the end he got his entire c*** in my ass. I was in ecstasy it felt incredible with him in me. His magnificent c*** found the right spot and as he f***** me my c*** got hard and I came. Finally he came in me. I said don't pull out I love your c*** in me.

We layed together spooning and then I felt him moving his hips and his c*** started to get hard again. My uncle said, I want you again. Can we make love. I looked back and said, I'm yours, do what you want I want to be a girl for you.

We made love 4 times that day.

6 weeks later, we are completely in love. I asked for girls clothes, and he bought them for me. Heels, bra and panties, dresses, naked up.

My hair is long now and I know I should be a girl and dress like one now 24/7. I never want to be a boy again and want to be with my uncle forever.

I realize my body was meant to take a c*** inside it. My uncle's magnificent c***.


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  • Oxygen thief

  • My brother was the first boy/man to f*** me feel good with him in me play with me as he f*** me later he ask me to suck him which I did came in my mouth but I spit it out not know what it was had me every night after that I swallow his c**

  • I'm so into my uncle, and love dressing up for him. If I lift my miniskirt a little and flash my ass in silk panties he goes crazy.

    I did it last night after a few glasses of wine and it lead to a two hour f*** and suck session. I fell so like a girl with him that I almost forget I'm a sissy. I sometimes think He going to c** in me I can get pregnant by my uncle.

    I wish I could. I hate being a boy, I want t*** and a p****.

  • The feeling of silk panties caressing my ****, the sensation of putting on suspenders and nylon stockings a little lace bra is so sensual, and wearing high heals with that ensemble is really arousing, then slipping into a flimsy silk dress and seeing your undies through the filmy fabric, no wonder your uncle goes crazy. I do it all the time.

  • You lucky darling, I want to know more!!

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