Golden Love

..... that I have been trying to get my mistress to start giving me golden showers, but she refuses, saying it's dirty and sick. She was so adventurous and wild when I met her, but now she's getting to be more boring . . . . like my wife, for God's sake!!! I don't know what to do. She is always DTF, and I really mean ALWAYS, and I really really really love the implants I bought for her(she loves them too), but now she's telling me no water sports. I hate that!

May 1, 2020

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  • I introduced an ex gf into p***, she wanted to try all sorts, one thing she would get off on was p****** on my erection and my face. When she was drunk she once swallowed several Mouthfuls of my p***. Dirty girl.

  • Gotta love her. You're a lick lucky man.

  • I was, until she wanted to try some weird s***. I love being choked during s**, but she made me pass out for a few seconds and i was scared she might kill me. I would f*** her in a park, behind some bushes, the leave her naked, her request. She paid for a h***** for me, and stayed and watched. We were not exclusive, so we often had sloppy seconds s**. But worst was she wanted s** after having a 5 guy g******* covered in so much j***.

  • Sounds like heaven to me. You should marry her before somebody else does!

  • Mistresses are a dime dozen. If yours won't give you what you want, go out and find one who will. But be careful. Developing a taste for kink can make you start to feel entitled to it, and most women just won't go that far. Also, it can be hard to rein in. If you find a girl willing to give you golden showers, will YOU be willing to go along if SHE decides she wants to add brown showers or ruby showers? Or both?

  • What is ruby showers?

  • Blood you melt

  • Yes, it's menstrual jblood/uices are smeared by the woman on her man. It can also be intercourse while she's menstruating or removal of the tampon by the man from his lady's vag, leaving the blood to flow onto him. It's very intimate and sensual, though it CAN be rather messy, obviously.

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