Dear family, friends, and all the helping hands, I never thought that I would have to do this but I had no other choices. I am an international student currently doing my post-graduate degree. I lost my job due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial hardship.

I already ran out of rent money. I am not able to pay my rent and have no money left to buy food and groceries for a living. My family is also facing various problems because of this coronavirus, so I can't even ask them to send me money. I tried and still trying to find a job but haven't got any luck yet as everything is lockdown here. I even asked for help with the university but it's not working out. I did everything I that I possibly could do, but this month is the tight month to survive. I would really appreciate your kind help in this difficult time.
I found the site Gofundme for donation. Please help me through this link:

Please help me survive and get by at least this month as I try to find other sources of funding and job. I hope donors will be blessed with good health and wealth.

Thank you!

Apr 30, 2020

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  • ZOOM :p

  • Sending one million happy thoughts and prayers this very moment !

  • Scrounging low life.

  • Lord, please use this virus to kill off the selfish and the stupid. This world would be so much better without them!

  • Lol

  • Maybe you should try virtual hooking.

  • Boo hoo. In case you haven't noticed, there's a GLOBAL pandemic happening. If you really are an international college student, your life is going a lot smoother than many people's and you can just shut your overprivileged mouth. You're not getting squat from anyone with half a brain.

  • Pray to God

  • Sadly are not the not the only one.

  • Scammer .

  • Too bad

  • Google COVID-19 rent and you'll find out you probably don't have to pay now. Later, yes, but not now.

  • Please forgive me I am also living hand to mouth ๐Ÿ˜”

  • Die you pathetic t***.

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