hot brother-in-law

i want my brother-in -law to touch me, he is soooo gorgeous. i like to wear really short skirts and i try to flirt wiv him when my sis aint about. i don't know if he knows it or he might fink im childish, but im not.
he takes me home in his car and i sit next to him, i always make sure my dress rides up wen i get in so he can get a good look at my legs, i do fink he likes looking cause he dropped his keys and lent forward to pick em up, he must of seen up my dress as i had my legs open a bit. i just wish he would put his hand up my dress and touch me, i would luv it. my m8s say i should be more obvious but i dont know how. he is 24 and in nearly 16 its sooo unfair, what do i do, or am i fooling myself that he would even be interested

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Your sister might even like to join

  • All it takes is a drinking game, a brother in law and a little bit of v***** in his drink. but your still a horrible person for wanting to ruin your sisters marriage.

  • do you even care about your sister? Jesus.. Even if you're a kid, you know that you don't s*** where you eat. Have some f****** loyalty and find someone else to f*** around with. Your poor sister. She certainly drew the short straw on a sibling. I ought to kick your ass!

  • hope ur brother-in-law f****** nails you hard

  • I "fink" your sister should kick your f****** ass.

  • You go girl, sleep with whoever you want.

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