Want to be invisible

I dream about being invisible. I have always told people that I don't like to talk but since I am the only gay guy who is out at my school, everyone wants to be my friend. I had only about 5 friends when I was little. They were the only true friends I had, and I could tell them everything. They were the first people I came out to and they all accepted me, they were the only people who saw me when I was invisible. Now, At least once a day about 50-80 girls want to talk to me and twice as many guys want to talk to me about what those girls like!! I liked being invisible because no one could hurt me, no one could push me down, no one could be hurt BY me. Is there any tips I can have for being invisible again. Right now, I will do anything to have my old life back.


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  • LoL Maybe you can convince some of the other gay guys at your school to come out? Then you won't be the only one people are trying to be friends with to prove how f****** tolerant they are.

  • BTW It's pretty brave of you to be out like this and you're actually doing a lot of good. When someone talks smack about gays they'll say "Hey, I know a guy in school who's gay and he's cool so STFU!"

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