Went Against My Pagan Beliefs, Cursed a Woman I Didn't Know

I have been running an online/offline Wiccan service for the past 2 years. I practice and offer positive, white magick. But recently I had a client message and request a curse. I would have turned her away, but her reasons were compelling. They are confidential, but so you can get the gist of it: a coworker was following her home after work, harassing her at the workplace, and basically trying to get her fired. This woman was so distressed that she came to me for a curse.

Even though I haven't practiced this sort of magick before, I felt bad. So I accepted the request and did what she wanted. Two weeks later she calls me to let me know that the money was well spent. She explains how her coworker had a heart attack on the job and was hospitalized until further notice. She doesn't know the details yet but her boss elaborated and said they would be in physical therapy for at least three months, in order to make a full recovery.

I understand the consequences, but I also understand that I helped an innocent person keep their job. I feel guilty though, for not staying firm and going against my beliefs. I have Wiccan friends who specialize in this sort of magick. I could have referred her to them instead, but I agreed anyway. I'm not sure how to feel about it. I feel like I just fell into the "witch" stereotype that crazy Bible-thumping Christians blow up my email raving about.

So, I decided to put orders on a halt for a few days, until I can mentally recover. Whether you believe in my practices or you don't, please put yourself into my shoes. Did I do the right thing? I need an outsider's moral perspective on this.

May 4, 2020

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  • Curses come back to you seven fold. Blessings come back to you many many ties over. You better put a blessing on that lady and lift the curse.

  • As a fellow wiccan, I can assure you that you did nothing wrong. It was a turn of events that came to pass. Perhaps even a coincidence or karma catching up to them. Don't worry about it. Good luck with your business and blessed be! <3

  • All Wicca is demonic. There is none good .you are all deceived.

  • Not sure if Wiccans believe in coincidence, but it seems that there may be a good chance that your curse wasn't as effective as his bad health and your clients renewed confidence.

  • An outsider perspective would say that you are crazy for even believing in that s***. No, you just want someone to make you feel better about yourself.

  • Hmm. What was your intent in crapping out your useless comment, then? I think someone's projecting.

  • Hey love.
    I am a grey witch. Used to be a lightworker, but too many experiences with this world's ugly side opened my eyes.
    There are too many messages about "only for the highest good of all concerned". That effectively hobbles us to only do "good" work, and pretty vapid stuff at that. If you want to actually be *effective*, you need a wider array of tools.
    Surgeons can't heal a person without slicing into that person's flesh. Eggs have to be cracked to make an omelet. Yes, there are gentle remedies for some things-- but for other things, you have to unfortunately get more involved.

    I don't think you did anything wrong, but understand your moral conundrum.

    I'd love to offer better and more in-depth perspective, if there was a way to give you my contact info that kept it from the eyes of these hyenas.

  • A friend of mine was in O.C. (but not the mafia) several years ago and told me they had a saying that was based on the one you mentioned about eggs. It went something like 'if you gonna make a omelet you gonna have to break some legs'. scary bastads, all of them. scary sick nasty bastads yes.

  • Not my cup of tea, but at least you're honest. That's a lot more than I can say for most of the religious types I've met, and don't even get me started about other kinds of belief systems.

  • Can you kill me it would be a great favour

  • Can I smell your dirty panties please. I'd love to inhale your witchy aroma

  • How Can i contact you

  • Can you use your magic to get someone out of an abusive relationship?

  • Please, if there's anything you can do or tell me, I'm desperate.

  • Statistically a coincidence

  • Listen up. Just because Darth Vader is besties with a lot of dudes on The Death Star and comes off as well liked by many there doesn’t mean that he isn’t evil to the f****** core. You can use your magick for good or evil and you used it for the latter. There is no ambiguity here. You f***** up.

  • Thanks, but we'd like to hear from a non-nerd who has actual knowledge around this kind of thing. I'm sure you feel pretty proud of yourself for popping off, but you just sound like a clueless idiot.

  • From a person who believes in magik 🤯🤣🤣🤣

  • Meh, that isn't any more out there than believing in God or justice or your favorite football team. There are many, many flavors of stupid out there, so enjoy laughing at yourself as well, you sweet naive little thing ;)

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