Stepping on toes

My girlfriend and I have a 5 yr age gap. She’s 22. She also just recently started a new job. There’s already another lesbian trying to slither her way in. I’m not a fan of people who can’t respect boundaries or have to try and test the waters. My girlfriend had told me she had the vibe that she was trying to hit on her. Mind you, it’s only week 3 that she’s been at her new job and already the coworker invites her to hang out with her and her one friend in philly to grab something to eat. Then she hesitated when my girl asked if she can bring her sister. She then switched the plans up and decided let’s go to the beach. I’ve expressed to my partner I do not feel comfortable with that idea because I feel her coworker is trying her best to get at her. Then she gave my girl her number to let her know. Why ya work together!? She can let you know at work, she don’t need your number! That’s just me. Now, she asked if my girl can give her a ride home cause her ride “left early”. Like I have years on my girl and I’ve been through nonstop s*** cause I was surrounded by negative people. My girl doesn’t want to believe that this girl is trying to be slick and slide in but I’ve seen s*** play out before and this isn’t new. My anxiety is going up cause I have trust issues and I know for a fact what this girl is trying to do but it comes down to, do I think my girl will go for it? I’ve been cheated on twice before, similar situations. So it’s like do I let s*** blow up in my face or do I just trust that my girl is loyal enough to put a stop to this girl.

May 27, 2021

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  • Beat the other girl's ass. What's yours is yours.

  • It's best to wait it out. Everything you mentioned is nothing more than speculations. Sure, her practices are similar to that of what you've experienced in relationships that didn't end well, but you can't jump to conclusions.

    Just leave them be, and if you see something suspicious, talk about it. I recommend a direct approach of getting to know your girlfriend's co-worker more. Seriously, don't give your partner a reason to leave you, you'd be playing with fire.

  • If you feel that way why don't you try to leep her really busy.
    My SO and i have an age difference of 6 or so years. My response to the age difference is so what!
    If she loves you she will stay with you, you kinda sound very insecure.
    Women like security in a person so be yoursrlf and be strong!!

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