What is the strangest or most screwed up thing you’ve witnessed while shopping at Walmart?

May 4, 2020

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  • Once I saw a woman stick a rack of ribs down the front of her sweatpants. I didn't rat her out and she got away with it.

  • I was scoping out this very attractive young lady one day while in Walmart. She was early thirties, bleach blonde, wearing very short shorts, an oversized tank top with no bra, and she was filling her cart with every sort of item from power tools to leggings to taco shells. It was full-to-overflowing, in fact, items began falling off. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, she was compelling to watch. So, I was watching as she pushed her cart to the exit, and tried to leave without paying. Security came out of nowhere and fell on her like wolves on a lamb. She began acting as though she was disoriented and confused. They hustled her away, and I overheard one saying, "She knows what she was doing, we've been watching her for five hours ! "

  • Hmmmmmm, nothing except the prices.

  • Ugly women

  • And we got a lot of them in america

  • Agreed . All Americans are fat and ugly.

  • I saw two of their employees get into a fist fight in the grocery aisles. Disgusting.

  • Saw two faggots rubbing each other off in the men's dressing rooms around Christmas time a couple years ago. Lucky for them this isn't a concealed carry state cause I night of shot they sick fucken ass. Made me want to hurl. Bleccchh!!! Faggots!

  • During the pandemic I order groceries online from Walmart and they bring it out to your car. The wait takes a while sometimes. A few weeks ago the car next to me had a dude who was stroking his gear. I was equally appalled and thought it was hot. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, especially when he came. Disgustingly weird hot.

  • You should have helped him if it turned you on.

    I know I would have!

  • A lot. One was two kids playing basketball on a hoop setup, which was annoying enough, then, instead of telling them to stop, too-tight tank top mom started playing with them, her t*** bouncing and falling out of her shirt and showing. She didn't seem to care.

    I've seen several petty thefts, people shoving things down their pants, a woman go into the dressing room with three or four bikinis and come out with one, so you know she stole the others. Also, gross as it was, a guy waiting for tires and letting his kid lick the tire display. A few times, not once.

  • He shoulda beat that kid!! No respect any more!

  • I'm sitting there, waiting for my rear tires to get done, and besides the kid being all over the waiting area, he climbed on top of a seat row to lick the damn tire display. I thought, no way this kid gets away with this, the father is going to grab him. Nope..Dad couldn't have had less interest. Who the h*** lets their kid lick a tire display?

  • The kind of "parent" who thinks discipline equals abuse, therefore whose kids are going to be entitled useless egomaniacs. Look around, since the late 90s there are more and more of this kind of human dross. So much for child worship.
    And while kids are generally dumber than a bag of hammers, licking a tire display flies right past "special" and into "this kid would have been left for predators a thousand years ago" territory. We really need to bring back that idea-- if you won't eat vegetables but will fight to eat Tide pods or lick a tire display, you are probably not going to contribute much good to the world. Even if you had a gender reveal party and your own Facebook page in kindergarten.

  • I have no sympathy for parents that haven't disciplined their kids and now because of the corona virus lockdown are stuck at home with the little f****** !

  • Spanking them

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