I got licked in nuts by my sister. [Nothing sexual]

Due to lockdown stuff we have no other option but to just be with each other.

Yesterday she got p***** off because of all the pranks I played on her. I guess she had enough of it and jsut went for my nuts.

I'm still in pain and things have changed since yesterday. This morning she order mr to bring her coffee in her room and I went and did it. It only after some time I realise I would have just said no.

I guess that's how a man's brain work. I'm also feelign a bit afraid of her kicking me again or mentioning it to friends.



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  • Why do you post so many confessions about getting kicked in the nuts. Why do you want to get kicked there in the first place.

  • Getting licked in the nuts šŸ„œ is friendly.

  • Oh, now all of a sudden spelling matters on the internet!! Just make it personal and poof, an entire generation magically has a clue how English actually works... LOL!

  • Bruh do you know how to spell

  • Spell check

  • You mean kicked not licked šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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