My boyfriend gets turned on by just looking at other girls

I can’t tell if i’m being dramatic, but my boyfriend just told me just by looking at other girls he gets turned on. he’s says it’s because of the quarantine and when he goes out after being stuck at home it just happens. i don’t know how i should feel about this but now, i feel hurt.

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  • I think it's cool that he is "honest" with you, maybe there isore to it though, maybe not. I remember hearing how hot celebrities where and I was like, well fine go actually try and be with them than, ** me right? Don't talk about it be about it, ...that's "over reacting" too but it's how I'd feel ....that also might make them less honest with you out of fear of over reacting....communication/clearity/honesty is good

  • Give him a world class bj. That will fix it.

  • It's about as normal as coughing and sneezing. You are overreacting.

  • Take it as important to make sure you look ** enough to keep him looking at you

  • It’s normal, all guys look.

  • Its not because of the quarantine and he's a moron for admitting that to you.

  • He's a moron for being honest?

  • Yes. And YOU are a moron for not understanding.

  • Me? The guy is being honest about his feelings. If he keeps it quiet, he might as ** other girls in the sly so he can get it out of his system but not hurt his gf

  • Giant leap from looking at other girls to fornicating with them, and quite simpleminded of you to make that leap. " Get it out of his system " so he won't " hurt " his gf ? That's so ludicrous, I'm still laughing ! He'll get it out of his system when he's six feet underground, in a box ! Grow up, sunshine !

  • Yes he is, because that's just something you never admit to your girl friend.

  • Her posting this question exemplifies why men should lie about this stuff. Most women can't understand.

  • Strange. All guys are like this. I assumed women know. My wife knows I ** every night. Sometimes she wanks me off to pics of her friends as she makes up scenarios. I even call their names out during **, sometimes she calls them out to make me think of different ones. Worst was when I was holding on the edge of ** and she said her mom and I came instantly.

  • He's a liar. And he's already cheating. Don't kid yourself.

  • Totally totally true.

  • Chances are that he's already stroked out a million liters of sperm thinking about or looking at other women even before you started dating. Don't take it so hard. He's a guy.

  • Ah, dah. It's scientifically proven that men are visual creatures and aroused by beautiful women...or even normal looking women. Just like women look for wealth and power, men look for good genes and Jeans.

  • "scientifically proven"? Gimme a MF break, you jagoff.

  • Perfectly normal

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