My friend had a bet with me saying he could seduce my mom.

She didn't cross the lines but she did allow him to touch her butt and kiss her on cheeks multiple time.

Because of the lockdown we were so bored I called few of my friends and ask them if they would sneak out for a day so we can have some quality time.

They did manage to come and we were playing games and other silly talks.

So one of my friend and I went to kitchen to bring snacks where he saw my mom in living room watching T.V. and straight away said, "I want to f*** that b****". It is common between us since we have talked about sharing moms and future wifes so many times.

After some talking I told him she won't do any of that and don't even try because she's pretty much religious. He didn't listen to me and made a bet that he can seduce her in no time.

I agreed to that, I don't know what they were talking because I was still in kitchen peeking out. What I saw was he kissed her on her cheek and also touch her butt. After a minute they just laughed out loud and he again kissed her and this time he slapped her butt lightly.

He didn't tell me what happened but I won. She didn't agreed to do anything sexual but I still cant believe she allowed him to touch her ass or she was just unaware that his hand is touching her.

May 8, 2020

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  • Honey, I’m 48 and a mother of 3. Your mom knew you were watching. I bet she plans to make your friend a man one day soon if she has not already

    Women can’t resist young h**** men. I have personally sucked off and/or had s** with 5 of my sons friends. I waited till they were legal of course.

    The best were his twin friends. They were amazing. They were virgins and what they say about black men is sooo true they were huge.

    I had my first MFM three way with them it was amazing to have a c*** in your mouth and p**** at the same time. Especially when they came at the same time!

    We then took a shower together. They sucked my b****** and rubbed my p**** and ass. They begged me to allow DP. I was an 48 year old a*** virgin till I lost it to 2 eighteen year old boys. My husband had been begging for a*** for 25 years. But I just can’t tell those boys no

  • Shut up c***. My mom is not like you.

  • Sharing moms, lol. Good luck with that. You are both grounded. Indefinitely.

  • If I was there I would have placed my paw on her t*** and the other on her crotch while kissing her ferosiously

  • Your mother just got f***** by your friend, buddy. You may not know of it, but that is probably part of their game.
    How old are you guy?

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