At school I have created a peep hole into the girls shower. I help out after school with equipment setup and teardown and it gives me the chance to be in the storage room beside the shower after the games. I have probably seen about 100 girls in my school nude in the shower. The other evening I was working extra late when I heard activity in the shower and to my surprise there were 2 hot girls going at it . It was so hot watching them lick p**** and finger f*** each other it only took me a minute to c** and then get some of it on video. Should I blackmail them into f****** me or let it go. I know both girls but not well?

May 9, 2020

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  • I am a guy 16 and at my parish the furnace/air conditioning room is next to the bridal dressing room.There is a big air duct that butts up to the wall of the bridal dressing room with a door in it that a person can walk into.There is a hole that someone drilled thru the metal and the wall and we can see into the dressing room! Confirmation is done at 16 and towards the later part of may and many of the girls and their moms go into the bridal dressing room so the moms can dress the girls in their required all white outfits!The girls have to wear a white,poofy,short sleeve,floor length dress and veil with a white camisole,cloth diaper,plastic pants and white tights under their dresses to represent their purity of when they were baptized as infants.Me and my buddies sneak into the furnace room and go into the air duct and watch the girls being dressed! The first thing that is put on them is the cloth diaper,followed by the adult size plastic pants,then their camisole,tights and then their dresses and veils and white shoes.We get very h**** and aroused watching the girls and it is even more arousing seeing them with their diaper,plastic pants and tights and camisole on and looking like babies!

  • Bullshit fantasy

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