Why are some guys obsessed with pantyhose?

I get an ‘allowance’ from a few SDs I met using an app. They’re mid 40s to mid 50s. It’s discrete, fun and easy. We plan a ‘date’ they pay for dinner, have ** afterward and I get an easy ‘allowance’. They buy me things like LBDs and cute shoes from Amazon. My bf has no clue and thinks I’m clubbing with friends. One of my SD’s asked me to wear pantyhose on a ‘date’. The only pair I had was footless from my brief career as a waitress. I had to quit cause the manager was a POS and kept scheduling me to work when I had classes. He said footless would be Ok and hot. I wore boots with a dress so it’d look right. After dinner he liked the look, ** was intense and I got extra ‘allowance’. He asked me to wear the uniform the next time. I agreed but told him I’d bring it and change into it. I no longer have the white sketchers so I wore white chucks. OMG he pounded it out of me! I rarely ** but did that time AND got extra in my ‘allowance’! I asked my other SDs if they liked pantyhose. Three told me yes but didn’t want the footless or the waitress uniform. I got one pair at CVS. I used the chart and got size small. I’m 5’ 11” 120lb with no **. They were tight, uncomfortable and tore easily. I like the footless better. One SD got me a pair of Leg Avenue crotchless and some thigh highs from Amazon. They got runs easy but they felt amazing. He asked for a foot job first. ** was intense and he gave me extra ‘allowance’. None of my other SDs care if I wear pantyhose or offered to raise my ‘allowance’ if I wore them. My bf doesn’t care for pantyhose. We rarely have ** so one time I wore the crotchless for him. He said it was a definite turnoff and went to his xbox. I wore my footless with dance shorts to his friends house while they were binge gaming. No one noticed or made a comment.
What IS the obsession with pantyhose?

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My wife and her bull bf ** in front of me

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  • I’ve been wearing pantyhose since the late 70’s and I’m a straight male.

  • I grew up in the 70's and 80's Women, always wore Pantyhose. Why did this change? They were so classy and **. I think Women; Now days have become lazy. It's all about natural, no makeup no pretty dresses. They want to be and look like they just got out of bed.... Classy Women just are so rare now a days.
    There are so few.

  • That's why the ** was more intense - it made them hot that you wore them, It's a no brainer.

  • I love the look and feel of shiny silky smooth pantyhose! I really enjoy wearing them. It’s a major turn on

  • I am retired and love to wear ** sheer panty hose all day. The silky feel of the air flowing through the nylon gives me a real sexual rush that often culminates in a hot masturbation climax.

  • All of my friends pretty much detest hose while to me there is something very special about that fine silky nylon fiber that covers me from waist to toes that I find enjoyable. I experience absolutely no discomfort whatsoever wearing pantyhose (no panty) 24/7. In fact I won't go anywhere without them due to the blisters I would have on my feet from my heels. I thank God for this wonderful invention that gives my legs a nicer look, support, comfort in winter and summer, and a very nice fit and feel. Ultra sheer pantyhose are just plain wonderful.

  • Thank god for women like you!!

  • I couldn't agree more.

  • Pantyhose are a little slice of Heaven.

  • I think pantyhose are hella **.

  • Last thing, my wife croaks, I order unisex/ men's hose. For sure, satin thong underneath.

  • Since I am here I have watched videos of women putting pantyhose on, enjoyed every second. ** ** underneath.....

  • A very long time ago while working in a restaurant I saw a waitress right next to me adjust the top of her hose. I was like oh my, baby I lost my train of thought.

  • Women really can look so so good in hose.

  • Research benefits of hosiery .... circulation, warmth etc...my calves feel better in a men's or women's knee high.

  • Hey, everyone's heating bill is going up, why not wear pantyhose or knee highs around the house? I have satin bikinis on ( B2B men's sport ) jeans Tuliptrend men's nylon socks( knee highs but thicker ) A cotton T shirt and a hoodie. Just sitting here. Wish wifey was open minded..spend about 70 $ at Hotlegs USA.

  • Pantyhose is just plain **, classy, beauty enhancing and a major turn-on for men. Who cares why? They just are. I'd like to thank you for wearing them and hope you encourage other women to do the same.

  • Yeah, so I maybe still in school but AIDS for you like half have it in New Orleans and yeah u can get it that way do ur self

  • Take a hint from singers, Vegas showgirls, ballet dancers, circus girls, and more who want their legs to have continuity in color and tone for a flawless look that enhances the show. They know the power of pantyhose and benefit from the soft compression they provide too. Thank you for wearing them.

  • Oh, wrong post, Lol

  • I love pantyhose on women they are so ** especially black. I actually love to wear them myself they feel really good.

  • I agree. The look, feel and comfort are amazing. That’s why I wear them every day and pretty much everywhere

  • Why ask why? Somethings just are. Men love them. Big deal.

  • Try a pair of tan pantyhose under ripped jeans. A very popular look on pinterest. You will experience great power over men and every woman wants power!

  • Tricking is getting bad

  • Hey. Are you okay?

  • Because a smooth, shiny, sheer leg is just naturally stimulating. Men appreciated the class and finished, confident look. A leg encased in pantyhose tells us that you are confident, proud, classy and you care about personal presentation. It is a given that men will be attracted to you. Men need not be humble or apologetic for liking what they like.

  • Mini skirts, tights, high heels. So **.

  • To understand that you have to be in our position

  • It is smooth, nice, **, and beautiful. It adds an elegant and finished look that hides flaws and says, "I am a confident woman who cares enough not to participate in slob culture." It is a salute to those around you that your standards are high. Did you ever wonder why there are so many thousands of sites on pantyhose (even nicer media like pinterest, etc.?). Take a look and see plenty of women who are more than happy to submit their pictures in pantyhose. These women know the powerful effect of hosiery and I say God bless them for wearing pantyhose!

  • From the time many of us were young, women wore pantyhose. Working women had dress codes requiring pantyhose. Girls wore them to school from high school on up. Pantyhose were a desired fashion item that gave legs a finished look and not wearing them cast you as being in poor taste. The well-dressed leg became became a mark of class and, of course was extremely **. About twenty years ago fashion design began excluding pantyhose and men have regretted that trend ever since. We know what we like and a leg encased in sheer, lovely, ** pantyhose is a delight that gets harder to find these days. Thank you for wearing them. Their is no weirdness here, just a desire for class, styling, effort and beauty. Of course they make bare leg look better and are just plain **.

  • What is a SD?
    What is a LBD?
    What is a CVS?
    What is a POS?

    By the way, tights look great, feel great.

  • OK Whoever posted this comment must not know how to use Google to search for an acronym’s meaning. Another source is urban dictionary.

    SD - Sugar Daddy. A Sugar Daddy pays a Sugar Baby an ‘allowance’ for services. It sounds like the young female author of this confession has chosen not to work respectable job, waitress, casher…..and decided to make money by selling her body. She’s a prostitute/**/call girl/**. Call it what you may but she’s exchanging ** for money.
    LBD - Little black dress
    CVS - A large pharmacy chain in the US
    POS - piece of sh*t
    Finally, pantyhose look classy on a women's legs. If the author of this is planning to pursue a long lasting career in this profession, she should look into wearing pantyhose more often without complaining. It will set her apart from other prostitutes. Her clients/sugar daddies will appreciate her efforts.

  • No need to shame.

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