Boyfriend doesn’t like me wearing pantyhose

I’m 25 and recently started as a server at an event center. The uniform is a white button up shirt, black knee length skirt, nude or suntan pantyhose with 2” black pumps. I not complaining but my boyfriend hates it when I wear pantyhose and makes comments before I go to work. I’m 5’11” thin, flat & need to wear a padded bra to have a figure and played volleyball in college. I’ve asked him over and over to tell me what the problem is and I get no answer. Also, I’m the one wearing them and don’t mind. He constantly complains when I put on pantyhose and tells me I should refuse to wear them. It’s part of the uniform and I’d get in trouble if I didn’t. He’s so passionate, to avoid the argument, I’ve started changing at work just to not hear him complain.

Dec 13

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  • Most American men would say they love and appreciate you in pantyhose. It is the best. Thankyou for wearing them.

  • I don't see his point because of the marks that is left on the garment due to body friction. i hate underwear but there are times when i have to wear them specially if i am sitting on a white couch.

  • WOW! It takes a few days for stuff to show up.
    A guy at work asked for a selfie of me only wearing pantyhose. He’s not weird and he’s kinda hot! I was hesitant at first but did a mirror selfie with my face covered. He sent me heart and kissing emoji. I started sending him one before my shift.

  • You clearly have a loser and a fool on your hands. Dump him and find someone who honestly understands that he has a beautiful woman of intelligence and understanding. Let him place you on the pedestal you deserve (where your gorgeous pantyhosed legs will be on perfect display!). Thankyou for giving all us guys a bit of hope!

  • All I can say is thankyou for wearing them. Keep it up regardless of just the job dress code. Do it for the class, style, and s** appeal you represent! There are plenty of other potential boyfriends out there who would love your appearance in pantyhose and lift your spirits with their appreciation.

  • Ditto to what all these guys said. I'm a widower after a 46 year marriage and was fortunate enough to have a wife who wore pantyhose every day. She knew the class and style pantyhose brought as well as the sexual lovemaking appeal they enhanced. She was a champion in life as well as in bed! Wear the pantyhose lady, and perhaps ditch the bum for his lack of respect.

  • I love having my lady in pantyhose, thigh highs and even sheer knee highs. Most times when we are having s** she wears some type of sheer hose for me. Your boyfriend has something wrong with him. Most guys love running their hands mouth and c*** all over a woman’s soft silky smooth pantyhose covered feet legs ass and p****. It looks great! It feels great! Makes me sooooo hard! And I absolutely love c****** on my lady when she has them on. I tip way better when my waitress is wearing pantyhose! You have no idea of the thoughts going through most men’s minds when they look at you wearing hose. If you knew you would be wet inside your hose and wanting to be made love to in them. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t like the fact that when you are wearing them you will be getting lots of stares from other guys. Guys will be jerking off thinking about your feet and legs in pantyhose.
    Dump this loser and let a man enjoy you the right way from the tips of your pretty little pantyhose covered toes to your hot wet hosed p****. Also, your boss who picked out the uniform is likely a perv and also a hero to all us pantyhose fetishists!

  • He's a drooling idiot. While every normal man in America wants his woman to wear pantyhose, he has difficulties with it? Most men would kneel and kiss your pantyhosed feet! I'll gladly take his place and kiss your pantyhosed ass! Every single day!

  • Everyone is different. I used to insist that my ex wife wear pantyhose. I enjoyed the feel of running my hands over her legs. I enjoyed the look of her legs in pantyhose. She hated it and it was a battle of wills. She divorced me.

    I had a girlfriend who I was up front with from the first meeting that I expected her to comply with my requirements for clothes. She wanted to wear pantyhose when I had her in mini skirts. She eventually dumped me.

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