Conference teacher

I�m married with children. My husband works in an office and I am a phys Ed teacher in a Small town high school. Over a year ago I attended a teacher conference in the capital city which is 2 hours away. Friday evening and during the day Saturday was filled with speakers and workshops.

On Saturday evening there is supper and drinks. I don�t mind the event overall as I get to catch-up with old colleagues and classmates from university that I haven�t seen in a long time. Plus a weekend without the kids to relax is nice sometimes. My husband and I have an ok s** life. It�s pretty vanilla other than some vibes he has bought for me. I enjoy them especially since I get to achieve o***** from a vibe on my c***. Vaginal stimulation isn�t enough plus my husband rarely lasts more than a minute.

My friends and I were sitting a round table enjoying some drinks and chatting when 2 younger men of African decent came over and asked to sit at the 2 empty chairs. They were quite nice, introduced themselves as Steve and Tim and we all got along fine. Around 10ish we all had had enough and started to headed to the elevator and up to our rooms for the night. I was staying the night and would head home in the morning.

My friends rooms were all on lower floors than I and soon it was just Steve, Tim and I left. When the doors opened to their floor they asked if I wanted to join them for a nightcap. Since it was still early I accepted. Once inside the room, Steve poured a whiskey and coke for us and I sat on they bed and the guys in chairs while we watched sportscenter. We were talking about where we worked and about my husband and kids. Both Steve and Tim were single and worked at different schools in the city.

After a few more drinks I was getting a bit tipsy and then one of them asked if my husband would be upset with me hanging out with 2 black guys. I said not likely as I think he has a BBC fetish. As soon as I said that I was so embarrassed and apologized for sounding racist. They didn�t seem offended but asked why I thought that he had a fetish. I made the mistake of telling them about the large black vibe he had bought me.

They both were good sports about it all and even teased me a bit and said it�s not racist if it�s true. With that comment Steve asked if I wanted proof of the BBC myth. I laughed and said sure, turn on the stripper music boys. I was actually joking but when they both looked at each other, grinned and stood up I knew that maybe I should leave before things went too far.

When Tim began to unbuckle his jeans and Steve followed as well I sat up on the bed and sipped my drink in silence. When they both were down to their boxers I was quite excited and curious to seen how big they truly would be. The vibe my hubby bought was 12� according to the box and it was quite thick. I couldn�t take all of it but it was fun to try. I know I should of stopped them but I figured going to a strip club wasn�t much different although I had never seen a black man strip before.

When they in unison pulled down their underwear I was left with my mouth wide open and my eyes were too. Both of them were huge in the p**** department. Steve was not a thick as Tim but definitely big and Tim was huge. I finally spoke while watching intently for what seemed like a minute as the guys slowly stroked themselves towards erection. �Holy s***, those are huge!� They both kinda smirked and nodded.

I reached out with both hands and began to touch each of them as if I was determining if these c**** were actually real. After several minutes of slow sensual stroking I asked how big they were and they said 9 and 10 inches with Tim being the bigger one.
Lust and curiosity had completely taken over and I was now trying to suck Tim but couldn�t get more than the tip in my mouth due to his girth so I began giving Steve a b****** while I stroked Tim.

Soon my dress was coming up over my head and Tim was fingering me and shortly after I was naked on the bed with Tim straddling my chest as I stroked and licked his shaft and
Steve was performing oral on my v*****. Not long and I had my first o***** and then Steve entered my v***** with his huge p****. It felt amazing having such an impressive organ inside me and Steve was full of energy and stamina. After at least 10 minutes of my attempted hand and b****** on Tim he came on my b****** with impressive volume.

I now saw Steve�s black p**** going in and out of my married white v***** for the first time and the contrast of our skins was extremely sexy. I couldn�t believe how Steve was still going without c****** yet. He flipped me over and entered my doggy style. Again I was on the verge of another o***** and when it hit I had to muffle my moans into the bed sheet. No sooner had my last o***** subsided that I felt another one starting to build and Steve was still pounding me from behind.

I couldn�t hold back and was c****** again from Steve behind me. I had never had 2 in one night and now I had experienced 3 and 2 were back to back. Tim now scooted back over to me and he was now stroking his semi erect p**** near my hanging head. I took that as a hint and began to lick his shaft until he was fully erect again. He then asked if he could have s** with me too. Steve pulled out and backed away and then I
straddled Tim�s torso.

I carefully eased the tip of his monster p**** inside my v***** and eased slowly down until I had about half of his length inside me. I slowly rode Tim and eventually had most of him inside me. My lord he
was big and he felt way thicker than my big vibe. We eventually got into
a nice slow rhythm and it felt great. Steve must�ve climbed back onto the bed and crawled in behind me and began to gently massage my back and ass as I rode his friend.

His gentle but firm massage felt amazing and soon I felt a liquid be poured all over me backside. He was massaging the liquid all over and soon I felt his p**** between my ass
cheeks. He began to use my cheeks like a bun for a hot dog and stroked back and forth. Since he had yet to
c** I assumed he was trying to get himself off like this. More liquid was poured onto my butt and then I
felt pressure on my a***.

I have done a*** with my husband but not in over 10 years plus he is way way smaller. I was planning to tell him to stop but instead I told him to go very slow. I wanted to try a***
with Steve more than anything. He
gently pushed the tip inside while I felt even more liquid on my opening. Here I was, white wife and mother, getting penetrated by 2 huge black men at once.

Steve then announced that he was all the way in and they both got into a nice steady rhythm of f****** both my v***** and ass. I had never felt such an amazing pleasure as I was feeling now. As they tempo increased so did my moans and pleasure.
Eventually I felt another o***** building. As I began to c**
something was different this time and as the waves of my o***** hit and had to move off my lovers as the feeling
was too intense. I soon realized why as I was gushing liquid from my v*****. I had heard about squirting but had never in my life experienced it.

The feeling was amazing but once I quit shaking I got back into position
and then they began f****** me again.
After a few more minutes Steve finally announced he was gonna c** and he emptied himself inside me ass and then pulled out. After Steve dismounted and laid beside us Tim and I switched to missionary and he began to thrust hard into me.

As Tim continued to steadily f*** me I grabbed my b****** with my hands and began to caress them and pinch my erect nipples in hope to excite Tim to finish as well as I was exhausted. Soon he was grunting and I could feel
his warm sperm enter me. After a few minutes of silence I got up and went
to the bathroom for water and then I put my dress back on with my bra or thong as I couldn�t see them and I didn�t want to waste time looking.

I thanked them both but pleaded with them not to tell anyone about what we had done and they assured me they wouldn�t. I fell asleep quickly from exhaustion and woke around 9 am. I had to shower as I was a sticky mess and then headed for breakfast buffet. My friends were checking out and I said goodbye.

When I was halfway done breakfast Steve and Tim entered the restaurant and sat at my table. They once again assured me they wouldn�t tell anyone and Steve handed me a bag with my underwear in it.

I feel horrible for cheating and have yet to confess to my husband. Our s** life has improved and we have started a*** again although I can never o***** from just penetration with him. I often m********* thinking of Steve and Tim. I have found multiple sites like this to confess which helps me cope with guilt


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  • Very lucky lady having two big c**** together, shame hubby didn’t get to watch tho, my lady of 55 years old started around 10+ years ago fantasising about big young c*** as she had a very slow and ponderous early s** life, I met her when she was 38 and she’d never experienced o***** even from self masturbation, anyway we talked about it and I said I was fine if she wanted to try it, nothing happened apart from her looking online at young guys c**** until we went away on holiday, she kept ogling young guys around the pool and beach so I urged her on, around 3rd day she was really interested in one particular guy and told me she wanted to f*** him but only if I was in the same room for safety and that it would turn her on too, she spoke to him and soon we went up to our room, they went at each other from the off, standing snogging each other’s face off, her in a tiny white bikini him in baggy surf shorts, his hands pulling her tiny bum cheeks apart roughly, her short gasps of breath escaping in spurts between snoggs, bikini top discarded and his young mouth enveloping her very tiny left t**, then the strings of her thong style bottoms were pulled and they fell to the floor, he pushed her back onto the bed, legs splayed wide like a total s*** and giggling like a schoolgirl not a 45 year old mum, her bald puffy p**** moist as f***, he lapped it up as she instantly climaxed, he fiddled his shorts off, huge huge young c***, I’m 7” but his dwarfed mine easily, as she drew her knees up he nudged inside her, big big gasp from her as she took him deep, l*** in her eyes, huge grin on her face as she silently mouthed to me “Thankyou” he hammered her good for 10 minutes, she came big again before he shot his load into her, minute later he was shuffling out the door, since then at least twice a year she’s f***** young c*** in front of me, nothing this year so far tho due to this virus but hopefully after it’s all over

  • Conferences (large gatherings) in a hotel during a global pandemic. This didn't happen. You are a male and fantasize about your wife, girlfriend, or a girl that you wish was your wife/girlfriend doing these things.

  • She said it was over a year ago

    But still this story smells like bullshit

  • So f*****' what?

  • TL;DR with crap formatting. Sorry you're so frustrated over not getting your bullshit published anywhere other than this cesspool.

  • So hot!!!

  • We can have some hot fun i can make you wet contact me if u want at my Snapchat account (hotboy14171)

  • Add me

  • That was famtastic

  • Skank.

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