It wasn't my boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and sometimes he likes to handcuff and blindfolds me to the bed,this time we roleplayed i was a cheating wife dressed up like ive just left the office,he picks me up and we drive back to my place we start fooling around and he cuffs me,I'm on my knees with my arms spread out and he blindfolds me,I'm waiting for him to take me from behind then he said ive got to pop out be back as quick as i can and hear the door shut,10 minutes i was waiting and heard him come back,he came in the room i was p***** at him and more when he wouldn't answer my questions,it was silent and then felt his hand touching my butt then up to my b****** he squeezed them harder then his done before,he stopped and move back down to my butt lifted my skirt up and pulled off my underwear,his touches was really gentle sending little shocks through my body,I couldn't take anymore i basically begged him to give it to me,I was happy hearing the sound of him unzipping his jeans i knew right then he was about to bang me,I felt the bed push down and he gently pushed it in,I don't usually swear but couldn't help say f*** me,it felt so good and he started f****** me even harder pulling my hair back he was a different guy and i loved it,I'm screaming yes yes that's it harder baby i couldn't believe i was having a o***** so fast and he was still going crazy behind me then he grunted pumping load after load into my p****,when he finally finished i could hear him breathing heavy and he still wouldn't speak he pulled his d*** out and got of the bed i could hear him getting his jeans back on then pulled up my underwear and leaves me like i was and walks out and i heard the door shut, around 30 minutes later he comes back tells me he's sorry that he can't stop there an emergency and uncuffed me and left,I was confused if it wasn't him then who was it that just had s** with me,I went downstairs opened the living room door and my 27 year old nephew sitting and smiling at me,I'm embarrassed that i enjoyed it so much and he made me o*****.

May 16, 2021

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  • I am so enraged that some fucktards are mad because the Snow White ride at Disneyland is sexual assault. Like did any of you miserable retards ever read or listen to snow white back in school, then again I don't think these fucktards learned anything in school because they showed outrage everytime they got F's on their report cards.

    Snow White would have died if it were not for True Love's first kiss but all of you woke unemployed, and refuse to work for a living because you are perfectly fine telling others how to do their job stupid b****** want to make it look like the prince tried to rape her. Obviously you stupid c**** need to have your brainless heads smashed with a sledgehammer.

    I'm so f****** fed up with SJWs bawwing over stupid s*** like this, these people need to get a life, if your life is so miserable that you find s*** to get offended over. You wonder why you are single and have no job how about you look in the mirror. Clearly these SJW fucktards never got belts taken to them growing up they instead had their phones taken away, which makes no difference because the people shouldn't be allowed to have phones or internet all because they want to find dumbass s*** to get outraged over.

    Anyone who wants to start outrage should be exposed as a stupid f*** and have their heads smashed with a hammer and anyone offended by that deserves the same treatment.

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