The black woman and the white white.

I think I trying to start a war here. But I don't care what you think. I'm a white woman with a lot of privilege. And proud to say it. I hate black women with a passion. I would like for slavery to come back. I need a black maid in my home. White women we need to come together and bring back slavery. We white women have power. I was in the store the other day. This black woman did not hold the door for me. And I called her the n word. I'm entitled to some respect from these maids. I work hard for everything. Check want black women to give us white women the respect we deserve. White women we have power. I stand for the metoo.

May 12, 2020

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  • Skin colour is irrelevant.
    A woman's place is on her back or in the kitchen .

  • ...said the incel xD

  • F*** u normie.

  • I agree

  • Another dumb white woman with no mind.

  • Another dumbass commenter with an axe to grind and no hope of a good life.

  • If you have tried a black c*** into your c*** you would not have said this. I am white and I have had couple of black c**** - young and older. My white partner is good for only eating my p****!

  • F*** u coalburning w****. May you suffer in h*** as you pay the toll of rutting with an ape!

  • You don't understand. Once you get with a black man there is no way to stop. Not possible.

  • Maybe

  • Good luck finding an educated black woman to be your maid. Stupid idiot

  • OP is some bored Indian boy. God, you people are gullible

  • Or that dumb racist black person who's too stupid to realize how racist they are

  • Your white ass is stupid for saying that. Black women stay away from white people. You are not wanted on this earth or country. These white people are trying to keep America white. There is no sisterhood in this country. The best thing for you to do is be by yourself. Don't trust white women with your life.

  • Go back to Africa n*****

  • How do you know that person is white, racist? Didn't like the words "dumb racist black person" put together like that? Too f****** bad. You might live in denial of your stupidity, but every time you open your pie hole to play the whiny victim you're just making it worse for yourself. Either grow the f*** up or go find a hole to fall into.

  • F*** n****** and bring back Jim Crow!

  • I know you are craving for some bbc bitchh

  • I agree with the previous comment. Therapy! You need a good deal of help to unwind your aggressively angry thoughts and possible actions.

  • I say bypass therapy entirely and go right for ECT. The sooner psychosis is cured the better.

  • Therapy!

  • I drove past a black man on a push bike last week. Leant out the window and called him the n word.
    You're my type of women.

  • First you need to work on sentence formation

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