My daughter's friend Started it

One day my daughter had went out shopping with my wife . Shortly after they left there was a nock at the door I opened the door to find my daughter's best friend standing there . She had on a black skirt witch barley cover her underwear and a low cut tank top that barley cover her nipples . She nervously ask if my daughter was home. I told her no she smiled and adjust her top leaving one nipple showing. Thin she nervously ask if my wife home and started flipping the front of her skirt up and down . Now I know she was wearing pink underwear with a unicorn on the front . I told her my wife and daughter went shopping and wouldn't be home all day. Thin she said to her self I know. She smiled at me and ask if she could hang out with me for a bit . So I invited her in I sat down on the couch and she at next to me as she keeps squrming closer and closer I put my arm around her because she was laying on me . Thin she asked me if she could set on my lap . I told her yes .she sat down and keep moving around until my dicke was pushing agents her pussycat . Thin she asked if she was cute . I replied with yes . She asked if she had a hot body . I said yes . She thin flipped up her skirt and ask if she was sexy . I answer vary . She thin plued down her shirt showing both nipples and said am I y u r so hard . I kiss her cheek and start rubbing her pussycat thrue her underwear and replyed with yes sexy. She smiled and ask if I was going to have s** with her . I moved my hand inside her underwear and start putting a finger in a little and said yes . She moaned daddy . And thin sad daddy not to deep it's my first time and I need your d*** to take my charry . I rubbed her pussycat for a while thin she asked me if we could do it in my daughter room . So I lifted her up and cared her to my daughter room and layed her on the bed I got on top of her and started kissing her and undressing her I stopped to get a condom and she told me no she needs to be filled up with com so I shoved my d*** deep and hard in to her she tends up and cryed out I continue to f*** her hader soon she was having her first orgasming and I felt her finger nails digging in my back it didn't take long before I fill her up. A little late we did it again on my bed and the couch . The next day on the hood of my lon mower we f*** most days now . After a couple of weeks my daughter walked up to me when her mom was out . She had on a short skirt that was polled up so hi I could see part of her pussycat. And she had no bra or shirt on . She sat down in my lap and flipped her skirt up she thin asked daddy am I sexy . I started rubbing her pussycat .and said vary sexy baby girl . She asked can we have s** in your bed like u and mommy . I kiss the top of her head and reply with I would love to . And I cared her to our bed she asked if she could be on top so I lay on the bed and she got on top of me as my d*** went in to her she stopped with a in pane look on her face . I said im sorry baby girl but let's get the cherry over with . I held her tight and gave a hard shove up pushing it all the way in she makes a squeezing sounds and soon she was right my d*** hard . Her first orgasming was a squatting one . Soon I told her I was going to com and she said I love you daddy . Thin started riding harder so I held her tight and start humping back hard . She had another squatting orgasming as I gave her all my com .

Aug 13, 2020

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  • What if your father did this to you?

  • My daughter has a friend I'd enjoy banging. I have imagined ways in which to make it happen. She's only 16 so I'll have to wait.

  • Just f*** her. Show her she needs a man and not some kid

  • You’re the adult. You had more control!!

  • Your a pedo

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