No one really accepts me irl

I have came out as genderfluid to a handful of people, and their reactions are what keep me from coming out to others. To some, I am just an attention-seeking a****** who can't decide who to be. And no one respects my pronouns (they/them) or my name so that's fun. Honestly, nearly none of this would normally bother me because people's opinions on who I should be kind of go in one ear and out the other, but one of my other friends who understands what's going on with me more than anyone else, always refers to me as She/her despite saying that my pronouns are just as valid as his. And another friend tells me that I don't really count as anything because I am "technically a girl." So these reactions are keeping me from coming out to people like my family, because why would I tell anyone who I am if it would be completely ignored? It sucks, but it's not completely terrible. At least some people online respect what I am, and if that's all the acceptance I'm going to get, then I will take it.

May 19, 2020

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  • I'm gender fluid, I'm a boy who looks like a girl and I like to dress in girls clothes. Everyone who knows I'm a boy is cool but a lot of them call me Jeffrey instead of jessie which I prefer.

  • No one respects your pronouns (they/them) because they are grammatically plural, not singular. It f**** up subject-verb agreement to use it in a manner that is singular. If you want to use a pronoun other than he/she, use "It." You are an "It." At least that does not s**** up the language with a bunch of LGBTQ BS.

  • What you're saying is really offensive. And disagree with you. You use singular they/them pronouns everyday and it's not weird. Using it is very disrespectful as it is designed for thing and not a person.

  • The singular personal pronouns (as a subject) that refer to one person/thing are as follows: I/You/He/She/It.

    We/They are plural, meaning that they refer to more than one person. You cannot co-opt the grammar of a language just because you swing both ways.

    If you are not a he/she, pick "it" because it is the only grammatical alternative if you think you are one person, and not a group of people.

  • Actually if you refer for example to a classmate of your friend who you don't know what gender they are you ask "What's their name?". You never use "it" for a person and never use "he/she" for a thing. So it's grammatically correct to use they/them in singular.
    But on the other side it's very disrespectful to use "it" for a human being.
    I understand what you are saying even though I strongly disagree with you.
    However I am interested if you believe that being transgender is possible. Because from what you have said it seems like you just don't agree with using they/them. But also it seems like you don't like the LGBTQ+ people at all.
    So could you please explain that to me?

  • I don't have issues with gender fluid at all. I have friends who are that, but it's not grammatically correct to use the plural "they" for a singular person.


    If I saw you outside, I would have to say, "They is walking on the street."

    That sounds stupid, because the subject doesn't agree with the verb in the English language.

    The verb would be "are," not "is," as it agrees with the subject and only applies to a subject that is plural. The correct wording would be, "They are walking on the street." Meaning more than one person. Don't change the language because you dig everything.

    I'm fine with the LGBTQ community not identifying with he/she, but damn create your own word. Maybe something like "klhfjk." I'd be fine with that being used as a singular pronoun, because at least it doesn't co-opt or f*** up the grammar of the English language.

  • I can see how painful it would be to have someone "disrespect" your "pronouns. Who are you kidding?

  • They aren't kidding anyone. Their pronouns are valid.

  • Grow up.

  • The reason people like you use the moronic hyphenated is to draw attention to yourselves. None of you want to be accepted for who or what you are. You want to be HONORED for being so glamorously different. NOT part of crowd. NOT like all the rest of us. NOT human....better. You SAY you want acceptance. But that is really the last thing any of you want. Because once you're accepted everybody will stop paying attention to you for being different. You're sick. And THAT'S not noteworthy. It's just sad. Like having six fingers on one of your hand. You've made yourself into a carnival sideshow. But the sideshows can't carry the carnival. Wake up to reality, sugar.

  • Keep your head up ):

  • Yep. And keep sucking those d****.

  • So it seems that everyone who commented before me has like very rigid beliefs on what is/isn't right, I guess? I understand what one comment was saying, that you could try to explain it more to people. I am transgender and yeah, people were repulsed by it. I had to explain what it meant, and how it works, and how yes, it IS a real thing. So perhaps try to explain more what it is to people? Maybe they'll listen.

    That being said, I got sick to my stomach reading some of those previous comments. People, for all we know, you could have just attacked a fifteen year old.

    Explain what being genderfluid is, be patient with people, and they'll warm up to you eventually. And if they cant, then are they really people that you want in your life if they can't accept you?

  • I'll make it easy for you.
    If unsure of your gender, check what you have between your legs :-
    A c*** means you're male.
    A f**** means you're female.
    That wasn't too difficult now was it ?

  • *clears throat pompously* ACKtyuallee, something something twisting words to fit my agenda, followed by something something "YOU need to understand" something, finished with some vague threat or flagrant self-righteousness. ...Sorry, I don't speak very good SJW.

  • One minute you want to be considered an authority-- really, you think even more pedantic "explanations" are necessary?-- the next you're "just a kid". Typical teenage manipulation, and we all already know that move because we've BEEN teenagers.

    You think you're a lot more clever than you really are, and you are just embarrassing yourself the more you demand approval for being not really all that special. Again, typical teenage noise pollution.

  • What the f*** is gender fluid ?
    There are only two genders, you are male or you are female.
    You might be deviant form of male or female but you are one or the other .
    Now shut the f*** up.

  • You didn't get the right kind of attention in your other post and are trying again, because you DO need attention that badly. Stop pretending to be more intelligent and less needy than you really are. No one believes you.

  • Perhaps people are uncomfortable because nobody knows what the f*** gender fluid even means yet you probably arrogantly think that they are jerks or are plain stupid. This s*** is new so be patient and slowly explain it in ways others may understand.

  • The titles and names and descriptions are all just stupid because they are dreamed up BY people with no purpose in life, FOR people with no pupose in life. We get it. Yeah, we f****** GET it. Your existence is so filled with glory, and your appetites are so sophisticated and diverse, that the English language, despite its depth and flexibility and beauty, simply cannot capture and express YOU. So, rather than continuing to craft these silly neologisms like what you used--- "genderfluid" (which is pure bullshit, of course) --- why don't we just call all of you hybrids what you really all are: ,"verysickfucks". You are all perverted and incurable and disgusting. And you are all going to spend eternity in h***... after dying a slow and painful death from STDs.

  • Totally agreed.
    Call them you choose, gays, dykes, queers, s*** stabbers , what ever they are all pathetic human beings in either a male body or a female body. All defective in the head.

  • The goalposts are constantly moved without notice. This group lives to be offended by one thing or another, 24/7. And to get attention. Not in that order.

  • At last, a voice of clarity in the yammering din . Thank you !

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