I am not a boy, I am a trans woman. Please can people stop misgendering me. I was born with a p**** but I'm still a girl and go by she/her pronouns. I was born with the stupid name Red but I go by Rosie. I am a real woman, and I'll change my body to fit who I really am.

Mar 1, 2021

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  • You'll never be happy and satisfied or lobe yourself yet force society to love and accept you when you don't do that. You people will never change your gender God assigned you. He didn't make a mistake, he never does. He gave us FREE WILL so thats all you and the demon you're constantly fighting with. Ever wonder why your suicide rate is high? YOU. ARE. A. BOY! You are a demons play thing...

  • There's no such thing as misgendering unless you call a man a woman or a woman a man. You are a guy so unless someone calls you a woman, they aren't misgendering you. You can take a chicken, teach it to quack, paint it black and green, and teach it to swim. It's still a chicken and not a duck. Sorry. You can act and dress how you like, but you can't change your gender.

  • You will never be a woman, f*****. Gay ass boy

  • Can you shut the f*** up? you are technically trans, EVERY. MAN. is trans. in the womb men start as woman and then transistion into having a d***

  • I know it's so sad I wish people would stop misgendering me and would just call me a girl, please stop calling me a boy

  • F*** you gay ass f*****. I want to f*** and impregnate this girl in my class Sarina. She has very nice round milkies and very hot ass. F*** h*** i want to put 3 babies in her. Anyways you are a disappointment to your entire f****** family, especially your father, f*****.

  • Why so mad if your not f****** a trans girl why is it your problem?

  • Ooh you've got a crush on me haven't youuu

  • And for the person saying that she's making up a third gender, she's a woman. Not nonbinary. She never said she's a third gender, she said she's a woman. Trans women are not a third gender they are women.

  • Yes you are a woman, not a boy. I'm so sorry for all of these disgusting people misgendering you. Stay strong ❤️

  • Get this fact before you do something stupid!
    You will never be a women, just look like one(an ugly one at that)!
    If you go thru the HRT and surgery you still will be a male just with mutilated genitals. You will never have a period or get pregnant and bear children.
    Maybe one day doctors will have the ability to give complete reproductive organs to people. But till then live as you where born.

  • Transwomen haha, you are no such thing

  • I get it and understand.
    You feel inside like a female and that is confusing to others and they do not want to try to know what is going on with you.
    I'm a Crossdresser and my Wife of a long time understands and helps me and she doesn't make me feel bad as my first wife did, no she has great understanding and love.
    It is a great feeling, I hope you find a person with this amount of love for you and you will feel as good as I do.
    Do not try to please others you never will so just be very happy and Love yourself.
    You might find that men will be the ones that like to out you down.
    They are under control by themselves and uncaring about others
    Stay well healthy and happy with yourself!!!!

  • Crossdressing and gender dysphoria are two different things idiot.

  • Your chromosomes determine what gender you are and there are only two. Your mind may tell you differently and that's ok. you can be whatever you want to be with or even without SRS. But the xx and xy will always be there.

  • Thank you for saying I can be whatever I want to be, but scientifically speaking you are wrong because of intersex people

  • You probably have lots and lots of extra chromosomes, don't you? Gender is a social construct and s** is a biological function. We all know what biology is, but these are separate ideas.

  • Please go get some help. Untreated gender dysphoria has a much higher than normal risk of suicide.

  • You have a mental illness you dumb boy

  • I know it's being a raging f***** twink

  • If you are unsure of your gender just check between you legs.
    If you have a p**** you are male.
    If you have a v***** you are female.
    You can feel masculine or feminine as either gender but you still are biologically one or the other.

  • This is precisely what I was going to tell this f****** idiot .
    You are a bloke or a bird.
    End of conversation.
    There is no.third gender.

  • And I'm a bird tweet tweet m***********

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