Around ten yrs ago I was engaged to marry a girl about my age; both very early 20s; just finishing college. We'd dated thru high school and then college. On the night before the announcement party, her aunt (her mom's sister) from California flew in. Olivia is her name. Long story short, we hit it off in a big way. Wound up spending two nights together at a local cheap motel. She was the sleaziest ** I ever had. Although I eventually did marry my girlfriend, I could not get Olivia out of my mind, my heart, or my system. Within seven months after the wedding, she had left her family behind in California and moved to our town, because she and I were so hot for each other that we had to ** all the time. In fact hers was the first and only ** I got on the night of my wedding. Hers was the only one I wanted. Within a year, she had me so **-whipped that I left my wife to devote myself to her, albeit in secret . Olivia dominated me and controlled me completely. Now . . . I belong to her completely. And happily. I need her. And she is all I need.
Our relationship has remained in the dark shadows, of necessity, in order to preserve the family's unity. Olivia and I will never be able to marry or to have an open relationship. But in the eantime, we have the filthiest and most perverted ** imaginable. And nobody has a clue about what we are up to. We thinking of ways of starting our own family, although we are kinda old for it. (I'm over 30 and she is 51.

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  • I dated an older lady when o was young. And the ** was the best of my life. Up to that point and since. Not only was she ininhibited, buy shy she cared about pleasing her partners. Women today only care about pleasing themselves and getting out of it what they can. Mine was called "Maggie", and like yours, she was totally and unaplogetically filthy and perverted. I would have married her, despite being 34 Years younger than she was, but she was diagnosed with cancer in the second year of our affair (she was married; I was not) and died soon after. I still miss her every day. She also had the biggest and thickest and darkest bush I have ever seen anywhere.

  • Olivia sounds wonderful. Do whatever you must in order to hold onto that for the rest of your life. Your wife won"t ever be able to make you as happy or as complete as Olivia does. Best wishes, my friend! You are one lucky guy!

  • Don't continue the family planning. That would wildly overcomplicate your lives. Just continue the overheated **. Have kids with your wife. Save the romance for her aunt. That's a powerfully sweet secret. Relish in it.

  • Many women passed menopause become exceptionally sexual, being free of fear of getting pregnant, would go any length for abandoned **. Most of them get hooked to younger and strong hard **! Again this boundless sexuality and eroticism are indeed attractive to younger males. This is what being happening to you both. I would advice you to carry on as it might last for hardly 10 yrs or so keeping intact your family bond with your wife.

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