Can't get it up

I'm 31 and have erectile dysfunction and premature ** when I can get it up. I can no longer please my wife. I have heart issues and can't take **. I'm depressed.

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  • Black ** is the answer

  • Wow

  • Please her orally, buy her toys, and let other fellas bang her.

  • As a wife that has experienced this, if she is faithful do not worry so much. If you want to please her do it orally. If you want to penetrate her use a hollow **.

  • Google Kegel pelvic floor exercise and that can help with your condition. Kegel exercises are very easy to do. 👍🏻

  • Sadly she will seek satisfaction elsewhere. Women want a decent hard co ck or they are out. Are you a p.o. r n addict. That will give you a big soft on with the missus.

  • Better talk to your wife and see what she thinks about your ED problem. There are ways to satisfy your wife's sexual needs, like giving ** to her, use of artificial ** and **/vibrators etc. Virtually there is no cure to ED. Lastly, you may have to think of allowing her to see other men discretely!!

  • I agree but I think it will save you lots of pain if she’s not doing it discreetly. It’s going to happen no matter what, she’s going to need to fill that need. Just encourage it and be a good sport and make sure the rest of your marriage is strong

  • I have similar problems and you are scaring me

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