I’m 25yrs old guy fit , good looking, heterosexual I care for my skin and other hygienic traits most men would say that’s gay. I’ve been into fitness for years and have worked out my entire life , did a few npc men competitions and won. I have a masters degree that I recently just finished & after highschool I got a scholarship to A1 university graduated and got a job moved out of my parents home rented various apartments since the age of 18 and worked in construction to pay for my luxurious lifestyle. After graduation I quickly escalated to financial stability making the 6 figure mark by 21. (Fast graduation; high IQ )Whatever was left from my scholarship money I saved. I lost all my friends due to success & jealousy. Vast majority ended up getting beer bellies, kids, unhappy marriages and dropped out of college meanwhile I got my bachelors and pulled of my masters. I keep to myself but I always have business in my head, I constantly travel alone I’ve been to a lot of places countries and backgrounds. I taught myself Russian French & learning German! I’m hungry for knowledge highly ambitious and fathomed by intellectual minds. Recently I began thinking about settling down I’ve lied to woman for years about what I do how much I make the car I drive etc. For the simple root cause of gold diggers, I met a woman I began to like beautiful we had awesome ** and awesome conversations, she has a good head on her shoulders I always came to a conclusion if I was to ever be in a relationship I’d want someone with the same drive & ambitions as me highly opportunistic down to travel venture and build an empire together. Not just your regular life kids marriage etc. I drive my first car to dates and keep my sports cars in the garage for the same reason! I lie about what I do and say whatever comes to my head at first. Out of my norm to test high waters I’m the typical “** looking guy “ Shades ,class ring in hand , hogh shorts collared shorts tight enough my bicep to show my muscular vascularity and toned arms and legs, typical sports car I bought my first home at 24 5 bedroom and 4 bath 3 car garage nice suburbs, I admit it was hard to fit into the home dynamic and see this as my forever home but I decorate it how I want my neighbors despise my loud cars every morning , and they despise me living alone in such a nice area always busting loud music but other than that I’m lonely and miserable af! I like this woman a lot that I had to tell her the truth about who I was I eventually told her and let’s just say she wasn’t too happy that she doesn’t want me speaking to her ever again , but to my knowledge she didn’t want to bother hearing my side of the storyline. I’ve been used lots of times for my success and I’ve gotten tired of it so I decided to interpret another me. My circle of friends is small except colleagues at work! Everyone thinks I’m happy I don’t speak much to my family because I keep to myself and don’t want anyone in my business. or judging me or criticizing the way I spend my
Money or what I chose to do in my own home! I’ve tried getting in touch with this girl but she blocked me called me a repulsive liar, etc you can imagine she was hurt. I tried to explain I did it to protect me and my image to make sure she wasn’t a gold digger but I ended up liking this girl, so now I guess it’s back to my usual routines and give up once & for all on relationships without worrying about goldfiggers , my one night stands consist of luxurious dates sports cars and back to a hotel ** not my house, I workout daily to keep me from loosing my mind, constantly working, my savings account is hereditarily crazy af for someone my age I can say I’m living my best life but find it externally difficult to find the right one without worrying if she’s after my money or not. Does anyone else struggle with this ir is it just me, I clearly want to protect my assets because now it’s extremely difficult to meet people with the same aspirations as you genuine conversations, love & passion. I’ve come to a conclusion woman use me for my looks and my income but in reality all I want is a ** hot ** wife that’s just as successful as me and wants to secure the bag with me, no kids apparently every woman wants kids now a days nobody thinks about creating million dollar deals anymore . Smh I’m pretty much dreadful at this point I’ve accomplished everything anyone my age would want and I can’t seem to find my happiness. Lads & gals money does not rule the world, nor does a 400k house or a garage with 3 sports cars and a Honda Accord yo hide your inner self. I literally buy clothes and expensive briefs colognes suits watches that doesn’t even make me any more happier just makes me feel miserable ...

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  • You sound like a **

  • Go to therapy and talk about it. Also, hard to believe you got advanced degrees or speak other languages since your English isn't very good - work on that and maybe you can express yourself to other people better and get what you need. But nobody does. You could just go to Seeking where everybody is just out front about exchanging ** for money but end up relating to each other.

  • It's not money that's depressing you, it's your narcissism. You said that you lost your friends due to money and success while they got beer bellies. Maybe they are quite happy with their beer bellies; ever consider that? Probably not due to your personality disorder.

  • You are way too wrapped up in yourself to ever be any good for anybody else. It's a two-way street, sport, and you're all One-Way signs, actually, My-Way signs. Keep staring in the mirror and admiring the only friend and lover you will ever have.

  • I gave up reading. Too long.

  • Been there done that. Was too honest and didn't work out well for me. Your looks don't matter as much as the money to women. Either stay single or at least keep quiet. You have been played by this woman. Move on or she will take everything.

  • Probably didn't graduate in anything that required paragraphs then? Times have changed beyond the world I know.

  • What is your IQ? I just ask, because you don't write well.

  • Hay mannnnn it dont matter cos Im fit good looking durrrr

  • Illussions of grande or what !?!
    ** off **.

  • English, m0therfuck3r!

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