During the self-isolation, I've been drinking and smoking a lot. My urine smells like burnt cardboard. Should I get checked out? I've been on benders before, but this is new. I'm thinking my kidneys and liver are wearing out.

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  • People let themselves go during this time. I work from home anyway, but, now that I'm not going to my local sports bar or anywhere else besides the food store, I'll go days without showering or shaving. Took one and shaved yesterday for the first time in about 4 days. Didn't care.

    I've barely drank at home, but, have developed a bad fast food habit, hitting the drive through way too often.

  • You reap what you saw RIP

  • No, it's likely not that extreme. Probably just an infection of some sort: maybe painful and inconvenient, but not life-threatening. Or, it could be diabetes. Go to a walk-in clinic (doc in a box). Explain your symptoms. Let them test your urine. But don't wait. Even if it's simple, you don't want to let it get out of control and become something ominous. You've already wasted valuable time. Shut down your computer and get to a clinic RIGHT NOW!

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