Son Flunked out of Boot Camp

My son joined the Army and went to boot camp. He couldn't handle it, broke down mentally, had a break, tried to keep on, but now he's back living in our basement. It's a disgrace. He is no longer in the Army.

I feel lesser as a parent that I raised a POS who can't handle it. I don't even want to tell the rest of the family and friends. I'm embarrassed. I think my bloodline was good, but I did marry a foreigner who is his mom, and maybe that is the issue. I wanted my son to kick some ass and defend the country. Instead he is leeching off of us and being a disgrace. I almost wonder if he is gay.

May 20, 2020

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  • Yup you raised a loser. Basic Training is very easy. 99% of people pass.

  • I feel bad for how f****** retarded you are, I wouldn't want to tell the rest of the family about you being a f****** idiot, h***, if I did they probably wouldn't bat an eye while b**** deep in their nearest relative, c***

  • Not everyone can make it through. I wish I could go back in time and wait a couple years to join. I was to young and immature to appreciate my position. I would never join the army or marines. Air force or Navy as they have the most cross over to life skills for employment after you get out.

  • Sounds like he's more messed up from having an insecure macho "dad" who doesn't have the f****** smarts or courage to deal with his own s***.

    What's the matter, loser? Not man enough to handle your own personal issues? You had to project them onto the kid?
    YOU'RE the disgrace. Turn in your man card.

  • Your logic is twisted...are you a failure because you can't run a 4 minute mile?
    He has limits and better to know now than in combat and get someone else killed. Lighten up Francis. Positive encouragement and teaching coping skills will do wonders.

  • He had an idea of what it would be like and it wasn't anything like he thought it would be. He wasn't ready, probably not emotionally mature enough to handle that sort of mental stress. He's probably very disappointed in himself, also, and you should look for hints of suicide as he's at risk for it. Think of ways to help him. Maybe get him some therapy. Did he want to go in the Army or did he feel pressured into it? He needs to learn some coping skills for anxiety and how to be on his own. (Therapy would help). If he can master these, maybe he can try the Army again in a few years.

  • It sounds like he gave it his all but just wasn't cut out for it. That's hardly a disgrace, and doesn't make him a POS. It's not as if completing boot camp is the only thing that makes someone worth something. You should be supportive. Be proud of him for being brave enough to sign up and giving it his best effort. Support him in any career path he wishes to try. Degrading him will only destroy any confidence he has left, and make him unlikely to try new careers paths, and as a result unlikely to leave your basement.

  • He is probably weak, both physically and mentally, but I would guess mentally in this case. What you as a dad can do is to build up his mental strength by cussing him while he exercises etc. Give it a few years and he will be the man you want him to be.

  • If you are so embarass kindly kill yourself we don’t want fathers like you

  • No, he's just extremely unlucky to have a hateful, pinheaded dad like you.

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