For almost 3 years my step sister and I have been sleeping together. Our rooms are connected by a shared bathroom. It started out with us watching each other take showers, then taking one together. That was it. We started having s** and haven't stopped. We go to bed , lock our doors, then kiss passionately, then to bed and have s** all night.
I am moving to an apartment soon, but we want to live together. She wants to live as my girl friend not my sister.
We want to tell our parents but how do you say, "sis and I have s** every night", and when ever they are not home. "OH Mom" We want kids too."
"and its been doing on for 3 years" I'm 18 and she is 17. I guess we could just move.


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  • I was living at home at the time. I was s******* my step sister whenever we could be alone. One day her mom caught us at it. It hit the fan. Her mom sent her to live with her dad. My dad thought the whole thing was funny and never did anything to me.

  • The 2 of you move out first. Then wait awhile. Then tell your parents.

    My step brother and I made the mistake of telling them first. Bad move. We had been lover since I was 14 and he was 16. My mother called the police to have him arrested. His dad was aware of us being together from the start. Luckily the age of consent in our state is 17, I was 4 days from my 18th when we told them.

    We move out fast and it was hard for years. But we are still together 25 years later and have 3 kids. Mom never spoke to use again. My step dad divorced her a year later and has been in our lives and his grandchildren's live the whole time.

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