I need advise with this complicated situation.

The summer before senior year (five years ago) a group of us decided to go camping on property along the river Jason had access to. It required 4-wheel drive and no one would bother us. We’d fish during the day then drink and smoke weed at night. Tony is related to Jason and when he found out, he invited himself AND his girlfriend Sandy insisted on going. She thought other girls were going and Tony would cheat. The two are opposites. Tony’s the dorky annoying a$$hole that constantly puts everyone down and brags about how smart he is. Sandy’s thin as a stick, pale skin, buck teeth, covered with freckles, wears thick glasses has reputation for being promiscuous and a loud mouth. They rode with Jason and set up a tent. Everyone else would sleep in their vehicles. I took my hammock tent.
From the minute we arrived, she didn’t stop complaining. Jason offered to take her a$$ home. She screamed, “I’m not going HOME!” Around the fire, Tony drank half of a bottle of Jason’s whiskey and was fading. I helped Sandy take him to bed then we shared a joint. I checked out after that. I heard a tent zipper close. Sandy whispered, ‘your not even hard.’ Then everything went silent.
The next morning, everyone was up but Sandy. Jason told Tony to wake her up and we’d all go the Waffle House. Tony yelled, “F**k NO! I say leave her a$$ or you wake her up!” I said, “We are not leaving her here alone.” Jason agreed. We hoped it was Tony’s hangover talking because he said some evil things about Sandy then got in Jason’s Tahoe and slammed the door. I stayed, went to the river and tossed a line in. I heard the tent zipper open, Sandy stuck her head out to look around. She didn’t see anyone so she quickly walked out wearing a sports bra and thong panties to the tree line and squatted to pee. She stood up, seen me then hurried back to the tent on the way she asked “Where’s Tony?” I told her. She screamed, “That a$$hole didn’t even wake me up” She was bashing him good. “He was too drunk to f**k last night.” I had enough and said, “LISTEN! I’m not your boyfriend so stop b**ching at me! I volunteered to stay while he gladly left.” I don’t know why but I said, “Are you mad because you didn’t get laid? if it’ll shut you up, we can F**k right now.” She paused and said, “What the h*ll let’s do it.” She got a blanket and told me to lay down. I pulled off my shorts and she jokingly said, “At least I can make you hard.” I squeezed her a$$ while she rode me HARD! OMG she’s a screamer when she gets off. She gave me an amazing french kiss that made me explode inside her. She laid her head on my chest and we laughed and kissed until I went soft. She apologized for being a b*ch. I apologized for saying she was b*ching. She said, “I can tell you came a lot. it’s about to get messy.” She hurried to the tree line to drain out then got dressed and sat next to me by the river. She gave me another french kiss and thanked me for staying. We talked and joked with each other. I said, “Oh Yeah! You came on this trip because you thought Tony would cheat but you ended up doing the cheating.” She gave me a soft punch to the arm.
She held my hand and opened up. She has nobody and her home life is bad. Her parents are in and out of jail all the time. Her dad’s an abusive drunk and her mom’s hooked on pills. She told me stuff that made me tear up. She insisted on coming with us is because it’s not safe for her to be home. I felt sorry for her. Her parents need to stay in jail! I swore I’d never say or think anything bad about her again. We heard Jason’s truck from a distance. She thanked me for listening and gave me a long french kiss. Jason was so mad at Tony’s behavior, he took him home. Sandy stayed and for the rest of the trip, she was nice to me. She sat and talked while I fished.

Senior year we remained friends. Her home life had improved because she was living alone. Her mom was away in rehab and her dad was back in jail due to a parole violation. She sat with me during lunch because Tony sat with his ‘geek squad’ and they didn’t like her. One of his friends nicknamed her ‘trailer trash’ and said it to her face. Tony thought it was funny and wouldn’t ask him to stop. I had a conversation with the guy in a private, he gladly agreed not to call her that again. LOL
Near the end of the school year, she called me at 11pm. The police were arresting her dad and mom. Her voice was shaking in fear because DCS was going to take her. Tony was gaming at a friend’s house and didn’t want to get involved and broke up with her right then. I knew she had no one so mom and I went. The police contacted her grandparents that live 300 miles away and they agreed she could stay with us a few days so she wouldn’t have to go with DCS. Mom put her up in my older sister’s bedroom. Mom & Dad fell in love with Sandy and begged her grandparents for her to stay with us two months so she could graduate with her classmates. They would not. They came and picked her up three days later. Each night, we sat on the couch together and she’d hold my hand tight while talking. We’d fall asleep and Mom would put a blanket over both of us.
During the shutdown, she found me on facebook. We’ve been messaging and Facetime. She looks healthy now. Her parents had been starving her. She’s a furloughed waitress living with her grandparents. Her mom passed away (OD) and her dad will be in prison for a long time. We only had s** the one time but I think we connect well and currently we’re both single.

I’ve not told her yet but I want a chance at a relationship with her. I never got that chance when she lived here because she was dating Tony. I dying to ask her pack up and move in with me but I’m afraid she’ll think it’s too soon. My Mom loves Sandy and wants me to ask her NOW. Mom offered to let Sandy live with them if she thinks living with me is inappropriate. Should I ask? If so, how long should I wait?

May 23, 2020

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  • Tell her how you feel...do it

  • Follow your heart.

  • TL;DR. lame teenage drama,,yawn

  • Good God, why do they think anyone gives two s**** about their twisted little lives?

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