Fighting Fire

Does anyone know how to subtly manipulate situations to ruin someone else's reputation, relationships, and most importantly, marriage? I need to evict someone from my life, and I'd like to keep my close friends whom I, unfortunately, share with this person.

May 22, 2020

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  • OP: Well, thank you JD for all your responses. It was nice just being able to say this to someone and hear that my disdain was somewhat valid. I won't be checking this thread anymore.

  • The sad part is she's not attractive and he still won't leave her. Either she has huge b**** or can give amazing head still. I hope an evil idea comes to you still -JD

  • OP: It's the mommy thing. He was.a vulnerable kid, and she was (still is) a washed-up, miserable b****. Even now he struggles to justify their relationship and her behaviors. If you have any specific advice on any specific course of action, I'm all ears.

  • OP: New post because of tiny font. So any practical suggestions?

  • Are you willing to sacrifice your friendship to get him in a better place away from her? -JD

  • OP: I don't think so. For things to be right, he would need to understand that she's bad to many people, him included. If I just try to wedge myself between them, I would become the enemy, not her.

  • With attitude like yours you will loose the friends

  • OP: Honestly, you're probably right. I'm lost, and I've never felt this much hatred in my life. I'm seeking help for myself, but I still want to help my friend too.

  • Too bad you can’t hack her phone or something. I’d better there are texts/pics sent from her from a time when he wasn’t legal yet. Definitely pics
    So What are you thinking of doing? -JD

  • OP: Right now, all I can think of is talking to them both about how I've seen their gossiping and trash talking seriously hurt people (specifically referring to the friend who attempted suicide). This would be overtly directed at both of them, but specifically aimed at her. I still want him to be my friend afterwards.

  • So nothing too drastic it seems. Where you guys from? America ? -JD

  • OP: Yeah, we're Americans. I take it you're not? Anyway, more than anything, I want to maintain my friendship with him, and I don't want to cross a risky line without being certain it'll make things right. I want him to have a good life, and she will not provide it. He has tried to improve himself countless times (overcome addictions, healthier lifestyles), and she has actively gone against that, because she chooses to stagnate. I'd rather him have a rough divorce now, than a miserable, drawn out marriage. He deserves better, because she deserves nothing.

  • Yeah Im American too. Do you think he would ever leave her? Is she just ridiculously attractive? Why is he so sucked in? You have to out her in some way. -JD

  • OP: I don't think he'd leave, because she's trained him for nearly a decade to be attracted to her, and no, she is not attractive. I think if he met her as an adult, he would not have made the same choice.

  • She sounds like trash honestly. Where are they from? I think you should just go all in on ruining her life -JD

  • OP: Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'd rather not share any more super specific details. I don't want to run any risk of them finding out I'm talking about them like this. I've thought that maybe if I help him grow in the things that she actively thwarts, maybe the discrepancy between their levels of maturity can either make her grow up, or make him outgrow her.

  • Meh. Im from New Jersey. Doubt I know them. But I get ya. I say you go all in on exposing her though! -JD

  • OP: I'm more concerned if they or anyone who knew them read this thread. Well, do you have any specific advice on how to go about exposing her? You mentioned hacking her phone earlier. Do you know how to do that?

  • So I don’t know how to hack but there must be some way you can get him to trade her nudes with you for something. -JD

  • OP: Not sure that would help. Also that would be really suspicious of me to ask.

  • Yeah I get it. But to be fair, what you want to do is sinister really, so you have to be willing to get your hands dirty one way or another

  • OP: I'm looking for something a little more tactful. Again, I'm not ready to cause upheaval until I know she'll lose, and he'll come out alright.

  • Sorry to say I can’t see this ending tactfully considering she sounds evil and has been playing with his ding ding since he was 13. I think you’d have to go all in on ending them and if it costs him as your friend, just be happy you were able to be a martyr and got her away from him.

  • -JF

  • -JD

  • So she started sleeping with him at 13? How did they even start? Dang. You probably won’t change his mind now. But what are you looking to do? Ruin her life? Get them divorced? You can make this happen! -JD

  • OP: It's unsure at what time they were having s**. I can say that everything was probably technically legal, but morally abhorrent. She manipulates people enough now, that I know she manipulated him then. I'd like to wreck her fake friendships so people can see her for who she truly is, but that can't happen while the husband blissfully supports her.

  • She married a 13 years old? How old are they both now? No one else is opposed to that? -JD

  • OP: He's 21, she's 7 years older. Do the math. The marriage was after he was legal, but the whole process of grooming makes "consent" like that obsolete.

  • OP: He's 21, she's 7 years older. Do the math.

  • Sorry for the weird comment glitch there.

  • I’m down to help. What are the details? -JD

  • OP: She's a pedophile, groomed a 13-year-old into a marriage with her, can't legally be convicted for pedophilia, ruins people's reputations through misunderstandings and constant complaining, lied about sexual misconduct, harassed an innocent person into committing suicide. Her child husband justifies her behavior, because she mommied him. He's her biggest advocate, and no one would argue with him, because he's actually a good person, just misled. Saving him is the key to fixing everything.

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