Wild experience

I’m freshly retired, widowed for a while, but I have a steady girlfriend. She’s a little bit prudish and always hides her nakedness from me. To “hide her wrinkles” she says. I never get to eat p****, which I love to do!. Anyway, we live in small community of people half our age. We had a small get together with a few neighbors. Everyone left except the young couple, Cheryl and Allen, who lived next door. We proceeded to get tore up drunk, except me…or so I thought. Allen was laying in a heap on the floor so I picked him up and put him on the sofa. He was smaller ans slightly built. Something happened that I swore would never happen in a million years, something that never crossed my mind, he whispered in my ear, I love you, and kissed me. I don’t know what caused me to react the way I did. It could have been his smooth white skin and his slight build, but without skipping a beat I pulled down his pants and sucked his d***! His d*** wasn’t as big as mine and it seemed to fit in my mouth perfectly, even when he got full hard. After he c**, BTW, I’m not crazy about the taste or the texture, I went to wash my face and chest. When I came back out him and Cheryl had left. A few days later the girls went shopping and Allen came over. He was being kinda shy and kicking his foot like something was on his mind. What came over me!!? I pulled his bermudas down and sucked his d*** again, really good this time, right there in the hallway. Just as I was finishing him up with his d*** still in my mouth b**** deep my girl walked in the front door. All she said was “that’s disgusting” and walked back out. She was gone for a week. I don’t know what came over her while she was gone but when she came back she led me to the bedroom, pulled her shorts and panties off and sat on my face. I had never seen her p**** in the light before. After she almost smothered me she gave me a b******. I think I passed out for awhile. I got up about noon and she was fixing lunch, naked. I haven’t had two boners in one day for years but I got one looking at her beautiful ass. That was also the first time I ever had stand up s**. She had an almost instant o***** and she slumped into me but she helped me c** too. As I was holding her she looked me in the eye and said “NO MORE SUCKING D***”. I promised I wouldn’t and I haven’t, but I still think about that smooth hard d*** in my mouth and when she isn’t looking I stick my thumb in my mouth imagining what it felt lke.

May 25, 2020

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