Is it normal to find a fleshlight more arousing than a woman? I am having fantasies about playing with them and will even think about them when I use my hands.

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  • I'll take my toys over a sweaty dude any day. There's less mess, it isn't awkward, and there's zero chance that I have to put my mouth anywhere near someone else's smelly junk. Also, toys don't pretend to care about you until they nut and then leave you hanging.

  • It's increasingly normal for people to find inanimate objects more arousing than other people. Between everyone thinking they're the most amazing person in the world coupled with crippling technology-caused social anxiety, why would you want to put up with a human just so you can get your carrot polished? Ick! Ew! Creepy!

  • This right here. There are some advantages to society so rapidly becoming more self-centered and emotionally fragile. Maybe that also means there will be fewer unwanted, under-parented feral ** crickets running around.

  • My girlfriend is great **, no complaints, but the fleshlight with my preferred sleeve feels even better. It's still nice to have ** with a human though.

  • As a man you have the right to finish anywhere you choose. In her, on her, face, **, tissue, fleshlight, anywhere you want, as nature intended

  • Myself, I have never found anything more satisfying than a woman's p*ssy. I have tried a fleshlight and topped several willing gays. P*ssy is always the best. I love looking down and seeing ** while f*cking.

  • Not if you find the right woman!

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