My husband got fat, with my help

We met at the start of college, both super athletic and active. He was about 170 then, tall and lean, and I was very attracted to him! We dated through school, moved in together, got engaged, got married.

He put on a few pounds over this time (maybe about 10), but that's pretty normal. Then came a few changes all at once: we moved to the suburbs, he switched to an inactive desk job, and he injured his knee. It was like the perfect storm for weight gain.. and gain weight he did. He put on about 20 lbs in 2 months... And I was shocked at how much it turned me on. I'd never been into bigger guys, always preferring the sporty type, but there I was, wanting him bigger.

One morning he was struggling into his work pants (they were super tight on his thighs and butt now) and said something like "Wow, I've really porked up." So I said I'd noticed him get a little bigger, and that I actually found it attractive. He was super surprised by that, but happily surprised. He asked me if I'd mind him putting on a little more weight, and I said no. We had a chat that evening, and he admitted that he'd been enjoying letting himself go, having been toned his entire life. He then turned it round on me, saying he could tell that I enjoyed feeding him up. I couldn't deny!

From then on, he relaxed his diet completely, and I started indulging him more. I cooked him big meals and he'd put away huge helpings, plus dessert. After dinner he'd slump back on the couch, stuffed, and I'd rub his belly, and it nearly always turned sexual. It's like his weight gain reignited our s** life!

He's currently sitting at about 235, and I think we're going to hold it there. At one point he got up to 245, but we decided that's too big. He was out of breath all the time, and got moobs and a double chin, which neither of us liked.

May 30, 2020

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  • So hot when one or both spouses get fat with the other's help, and no one is embarassed or miserable. It's sooo romantic and intimate. Just taking a lean man and turning him into a chubby big boy with his fat stomach sticking out like he's 12 months pregnant is hot! I hope I can do that to my future husband. Cheers to you both. :)

  • What did you not like about the moobs and double chin?

  • You are a good Southern girl! I live in a small, I mean like 30-some families small, town and all of us women have got our men good and fat while most of us women are trying to not get fatter than "Plump." A couple of gals are down right thin. My sexy man is 290 and I just love how proud I feel of keeping him so well fed. I just LOVE his weight on me when we f***. So, yeah, you a good Southern girl.

  • Yessss to being crushed by a fat guy with a good-sized you know what! Because they shrink a little when they add a lot of weight.

  • Heh. Get that hubby nice and big!

  • Me and my husband are in Tennessee, and alot of wives here take great pride in getting there husbands good and fat cause its a sign of us wives devotion and that were great cooks. I've fattened my man up to where he's a hundred pounds over weight. He loves my cooking and I love his big soft belly. My cookin has even got me putting on pounds, i gained about 15 or 20 in the same time. Were both real happy and thats what matters most.

  • That's so romantic!

  • Don't you know it, Sugar!. I'm in North Carolina and I got my Man a good 50 pound belly on him too. He's always braggin how I'm this incredible cook. It just makes me squeal with joy inside when I hear that!

  • Fattening the husband is a southern tradition:

  • Does he stay the same weight now or does he go up and down?

  • He goes up and down. He's actually gone up 10 lbs since I posted this, so we're currently working to bring him back down

  • I like moobs and a double chin!!

  • You would like me then !! 5-9 #287 My 44" pants are a struggle, I'm pretty out of breath by the time they're on and zipped etc. Full head of hair, all my teeth,
    and about a C cup worth, I just let em hang. One of my old gf loved them. She loved when I would be on top, all moobs and belly jiggling away. But we would have to trade positions, as I would loose my breath from the exertion. Too fat to give her a good pounding, but she sure liked to feed me.

  • But it's hotter if you start relatively thin, like I would hope to meet you when you were just a chubby dude and then feed you like a king and watch you blow up to kingsize proportions!

  • I quite liked it initially, but as it crossed the line from chubby to noticeably fat I became less attracted

  • Were you into him eating more than usual or into him gaining weight?

  • I was into the weight gain, but I think they're linked. Seeing him eat triggers the same turn ons I get from seeing him gain.

  • Do you feel helping him gain weight has been good for your relationship?

  • Yes definitely. We were good before, but he's generally a lot more happy and relaxed, and the boosted s** life is great too!

  • That sounds fun for both of you. What did you like most about him gaining weight? Would you want him bigger?

  • Hm.. in terms of specific things that turned me on -- I loved his bigger belly and how it came over his waistband when he sat down, I loved how tight his sweatpants got around his butt and thighs, and also just the way he'd take up much more room (like in the car seat or sofa etc)

  • Hottt! is he into it in any way? does he know how turned on it make you?

  • He's not into like I am. He's a foodie and loves to eat, but doesn't get sexual gratification from getting bigger -- but he does like that I do. Yes he knows that it turns me on.

  • Oh I forgot.. would I want him bigger? Yes and no. There's always something sexy about seeing him gain, but at the same time things pop up that I don't like as much (like I mentioned). He's actually put on some weight since I posted this, and while that's been fun for me, he wants to lose it, and his happiness and health come first.

  • Do you have any desire to put on a little weight and join his relaxed body lifestyle?

  • I actually like the contrast -- him being large vs my petite frame. We're each happy with our current size.

  • Agree, I saw a couple in a store awhile ago and the guy was just HUGE, BIG stomach hanging over, and his lady had to have been about 5'3 and 110 pounds. They looked happy, so...

  • What size are you? Height and weight?

  • I'm 5 ft 7 and only 105 lbs! It's quite a contrast of sizes.

  • So how does it feel to be crushed under a rock while fuckk sessions ?

  • I love his extra heft :) His current weight doesn't get in the way too much, although I mostly go on top

  • You should so yummy i would love to see you sitting on his rocket and me jerking off to that

  • Sound* i mean sorry

  • That was interesting. You don't seem like the kind of person who would care too much about typos... LOL

  • This feeding stuff is far lost on me. My husband puts on a few pounds now and then but we exercise together and try to keep a healthy weight. Why would you want him to be unhealthy?

  • He's not unhealthy. He's tall, so carries his weight well, and he gets bi-annual check ups at the doctor's. He's slightly overweight, but his blood levels are all fine.

  • Welcome to my world!! i've always been into feeding, maybe because I always had big men in my life. have been with my hubby for 9 yrs and over that time he's put on nearly 80 pounds! there's just something about keeping them well fed and satisfied. what does he think of your fetish? and what do friends and family think of his new size??

  • 80 pounds is a lot!

  • He doesn't really comment on it much (which is why I find myself wanting to talk on here!)

    His mom nags him now and then, just nudging him to go for walks more or asking about his health. His friends are less subtle but I rarely see them -- we were at a wedding last year and his buddy said "She must be feeding you well!", so little comments like that. But they don't bother him.

  • Did he ever talk about the new weight? Letting yourself go a little is one thing, but gaining 6o+ lbs is another.

  • Not really. He's not into it in a kinky way like me, he just likes to eat, and likes that I'm in the mood more often. The only time he brought it up was when he was pushing 250, as he was pretty overweight at that point. He just said he'd gotten too big and wanted to shed a few pounds.

  • Did you think 250 lbs. was too big?

  • From a sexual attraction point of view, no. But from a health perspective, yes. He's already quite overweight and I don't want to amplify those health risks.

  • Did you help him loose it? What was your reaction? Isn't he worried or angry that you're making him overweight?

  • I encouraged him to come for walks with me and reduced his portions and the weight came down gradually. And no, he's not worried or angry about his weight, he carries it well, but getting out of breath from simple tasks was an alarm bell for him, and me!

  • It sucks when that happens but it does happen and it's more likely to happen after age as cute as it is, we can't let them get massive like you see out there.

  • I’ve always been proud of my husband’s weight gain. He was 150 when we met, and after 15 years of marriage he is 330 now. But his knees are hurting and the doctor says he needs to lose 100 pounds. It is going to be really hard for him to lose that much weight with his knee issues, and I hate to see him hungry. But I also feel guilty for letting him get this big. Maybe a Keto diet will help.

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