Betrayed and humiliated

My ex girlfriend and I were together for 9 years and had a very active s** life. Sometimes after s** if she didn't o***** or wanted to o***** again she would have me roll onto my stomach and she would lay on my back and rub on me (like she was humping me) talking to me saying things like " who ass is this", " I own this ass".
This was a little odd to me but it made her happy. Then one night after having s** she mentioned a fantasy she had about pegging and we talked about it for a few weeks. She kept bring it up and so one day I said I would be willing to try it but nothing to big. We looked on line and picked out a strap on with a 7 inch d**** that wasn't to thick.
A few days later it was delivered and that night we showered and went to bed and after f****** her she asked if I was ready to get f***** and I was nervous but said let's do this. She fingered me for a while licking and sucking me to loosen me up. Then she rubbed a lot of lube on my hole and more on her strap on. She got behind me and started rubbing it on my hole. I was nervous but held fast.
she started pushing into me and it popped in as I yelped she stop moving. Once the pain stopped she slowly work it in and it seemed like it took hours to get all the way in but it was maybe 5 minutes. She slowly started sliding in and out, after a few minutes the pain stopped and pleasure took over and it felt amazing. This went on for a few months then came her next fantasy (which took several months to get me to go along with it.
She said she thought it would be a real turn on to see me take the real thing. It took a couple months but she found this guy that was close to our age and actually nicely built. We arranged the meeting for a Saturday night. Well to say I was nervous would be an understatement but after a few drinks to loosen us up we headed to the bedroom.
She sat in a chair in the corner and directed us what to do and once stripped naked she tells me to "get on my knees and suck his c*** like I did to her strap on" Hesitant but I did as she told me and putting his c*** in my mouth for the first time felt awkward but nice and I started to get into it. After about 5 minutes she orders us to get on the bed and for me to get on all 4's and says "now I want to she the main event and tells him to f*** me"
It was a little clumsy to start but soon he was f****** me and actually making me moan.
After about 5 minutes I look over at her and she has her legs spread and fingering herself while watching him f*** me b**** deep. About another 5 minutes she's having a hard time breathing and barking orders at thee same time but tells him to fill my ass with his c**. He was pounding me and a few minutes later slams into me and groans as he holds me tights and unloads his c** deep inside me.
Once he softened up and slipped out she tells me to " show me your hole" I turn towards her and she can see the c** leaking out of me. A short time later he leaves and I figured we would have s** but she says she's exhausted and tired so we didn't. The next day she gets up and about 2 hours later tells me we are through that she is not going to be with a c*** sucking f*****.
I was doing what I thought was pleasing her and it devastated me but we split up and it was very humiliating and embarrassing at the moment but now I still have s** with men as a total bottom and very rarely have s** with women anymore.

May 31, 2020

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  • Sorry about the break-up. She must have been feeling guilty or she had another guy already? Years ago the wife & I wanted an Alpha male to play with us. My wife found someone from her work. We met and he was younger and a know it all but in a nice way. We all got along. He asked me questions and even told us to prove to my wife & me he was an Alpha male he was going to break me first while my wife looked on. He wanted both of us to understand we were going to be his property if we were going to do this. The night of his visit we both cleaned up & got ready for him. When he showed up, he kissed my wife & undressed my wife infront. He had me offer him my wife. My wife undressed me & offered him to him. Without any foreplay, he bent me over the arm over the couch with my face in my wife's lap. He spit on my a****** & forced himself in me. I was moaning from the uncomfortable feelings. My wife reached under me & grabbed my d***. She got me hard and told me I was going to make a good b****. He took his time f****** me all the while telling us what the rules were. He pulled out & I got a wash cloth and washed him off. My wife asked if she could j*** his c** in my mouth. I sucked him while my wife pumped him. My wife told me once swallowed his c**, I would never be a man in her eyes again. He choked me with his c**. After that I watched them f*** all weekend & waited on them for everything.

  • Repent

  • Gay all the way. Surprise you could even get hard with a woman.

  • Actually I haven't for the past several years now

  • Maybe she could tell you were gay the whole time?

  • You did the right thing. Don’t be ashamed!

  • She saw that you were a true and complete h*** sissy. And that you are a worthless bottom who is lucky if a man even decides to dump his load in you.

    It only a matter of time before a true master like me finds you. Then you will spend the rest of your life naked and with a butt plug in you ass patiently waiting for your master to use us you like a dog.

  • Do you want another slave for you Master? I fear I live a secret life pretending to be alpha male but in reality, I need to live the truth as a sissy ass slave. Would you be gentle on my first a*** s**? I've only ever taken fingers before.

  • I'll be your gentle master. First, buy a toy that you know you can take. Then at the same ti.e, buy a toy 2 sizes bigger. Let me know when you have them , my ass s***

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