I Need To Be Kidnapped

I need to be kidnapped.
It's crazy I know.
But I do.
I need a woman to kidnap me. Keep me bound and gagged ALL the time. Restrain me and isolate me from the world. Keep me for whatever you want me for. Someone to torture? Check. Someone to use sexually? Check. Someone to just keep in various kinds of bondage and isolation? Check.

Take me from this life (I'd go gladly) and let me step into what I'm really meant to be. An object to be owned by a woman.

I'm real. I'm serious. No one knows this about me, but I don't care. I'm done running from what I was made to be. I'm 34, but I don't care if you're 18 or 99. Kidnap me. Enslave me.

I'm gaggedguy1985 on Kik. If you're a woman and you're as twisted as I am, find me there. Talk to me.

May 31, 2020

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  • No, pumpkin, what you need are pharmaceuticals that make your brain happier.

  • God is the only one who will ever own you, so maybe seek your peace with Him and the world you will see change.

  • I would like to do a fantasy kidnap.

    I kind of imagine that I connect with the person and we agree on the rules.

    Then maybe like Thursday after work, suddenly I jump them. Tie them up. Into the nearby van. Blindfold.

    Friday I force them to send an email saying they are sick.

    Keep them tied up over the weekend. Probably make them naked. Certainly some scary times. Sensory depravation. Disorientation. If we have agreed to s** then this may include a rape scenario. If we have agreed to physical stuff like whipping then that would happen. I am not interested in some simple grab and giggle but I also do not want to hurt the person beyond what is agreed.

    Then Sunday evening, I drag them into the van, drive to their house, dump them naked in their garage and leave.

  • What the f*** !?!?!

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