Wife watching male strippers

When my wife was in university some of her friends wanted to go see some (male strippers). She asked me if I’d mind, and I said “yes”. Subsequently they called it off. After thinking about it I felt like an ass and I let her know that I changed my mind about it. Too late, the idea had died.

As time went on the idea of my wife watching naked men for the raw pleasure consumed me. I sent a bogus email to myself from a supposed friend inviting us to go see some strippers at a place that had both men and women. Well wouldn’t you know it when we got there we got stood up by the other couple (wink wink). We spent a couple of minutes watching the ladies but soon went down stairs to see the men.

She was definitely into it, however I couldn’t convince her to get a private dance. We saw a good part of the show and then decided to go back to our hotel in Niagara Falls. We had some pretty intense s** and I spent the rest of the night jerking off thinking about my wife watching the men with towels hanging over their d****.

She has gone back once since with some friends. I was much more accommodating this time around, even getting the some weed for the occasion. We recently went again to a different place that was much more interactive with the ladies going on stage with the men. She did go on stage a couple of times , even spanking one of the guys on stage to a great roar from the crowd but once again I could not convince her to get a private dance. Once again we went back to our hotel and had great s** and I best myself raw thinking about what went on.

Hope to go back soon. I think I’ll have to slip one of the dancers $100 on the way in and have them carry her to the private dance area. Hopefully 3rd time will be a charm!

She promised me she’d go for a private dance if they’d let me go back with her. Hmmmm..........., I don’t know if lowing or not knowing what went on would be the way to go?


Cuckold at Heart

May 31, 2020

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  • I would love to watch my girlfriend get a private dance from a dude... or from a woman!

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