It's really not always sexual but I love it when you watch me

Every time I stay in a hotel, I order lots of room service, I always leave the hangtag out asking for my room to be serviced, and I look for anything that might be out of order so I can have maintenance come up. Then I hope I'm there when they arrive. If I know they're coming at a certain time, like room service or housekeeping, I throw the latch to keep the door from shutting all the way and they can just let themselves in.

My favorite thing to be doing when they arrive is watching television, laying on the bed. Of course I'm always naked and masturbating with my legs spread apart. If they knock, I always say come on in! Or if I have to open the door I may put a towel loosely around me or a robe over my shoulders but not tied shut. But more often than not, I'm just nude.

On occasion I've been in the shower or bathroom and they'll come in and when they realize they call out to let me know they are there and say they can come back later. After opening the bathroom door while drying myself off, I always tell them they can do whatever it is they came for. I go about drying off, getting dressed or whatever as if they were not there, which usually means they get a very nice view of my body all around.

I'm almost 60 but I keep my body in excellent shape and I'm the type that always has my hair done and mani/pedi's so, if I may say so myself, I believe they're getting quite a treat. Not like I'm just some dumpy, wrinkly, s*** crudely spread out.

Many of the maids will ask if they should come back later (I always say no, go ahead and do what you need to do and I'll make the bed when I am finished). Most carry on with their work, many definitely watch me and I've even had one stand at the foot of the bed and try to engage me about other services that the hotel had (I found that one funny) but she kept her eyes on my b****** and p**** and I'm imagining she had to find a place to rub her own p****.

Room service is very similar to the maids, but most try to maintain a professional air and try not to look TOO obviously. If I need to give a tip I always have it on the night stand so they have to engage with me at least once as I call them over.

Now maintenance workers are always happy to watch as much as possible and I'm sure the jobs took much longer than it needed to. I always try to make sure I o***** for all their effort. I've had two ask if they could help me at all. I declined but I said they could watch and do whatever they needed to do. Both jerked off watching me.

I've only had a manager come up once. I had called down about a lack of enough towels and asked for additional pillows. It was late in the evening and she brought them up herself to be sure I had them right away. It was one of the times that I left the door slightly open so when she arrived, she knocked and I told her to come on in. I recognized her as the manager that was on duty when I checked in. She was middle-aged and attractive enough. When she saw me, I was surprised when she engaged me in conversation like nothing unusual was going on. I had only been lazily playing with my b****** and nipples so I rolled on my side and propped up on my elbow to face her.

Looking right at me, she asked where she could put the towels and I said on the other bed was fine. She asked about the pillows and I said the bed I was on, she asked if I needed them plumped a little and I said that would be wonderful. When she had finished she made small talk, inquiring whether I was there alone or traveling with my husband; for business or pleasure. I told her I was by myself and only for pleasure and smiled.

I rolled onto my stomach to reach the drawer for a tip and she said absolutely no need for that, never taking her eyes off of me. When she just stood there for a moment. I stood up and threw my robe over my shoulders, leaving it open and stood directly in front of her and asked if the hotel bar was still open. She was looking down at my body before replying that they were, in fact she was getting off soon and was thinking of popping in for a drink herself and she'd be happy to buy one for me if I came down before she left, or she could have one sent up.

I asked her to ring my room when she was getting off and I would let her know. And she did, and I did, and she did, and we did. [wink, wink]

Nov 5

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