Soooo weird

Not sure what category to even put this in so its here, I moved in with a new room mate this year at college, She is great, We found each other through a mutual friend and were both looking for a room mate to rent an apartment to cut costs obviously.
Last weekend she went out and I was not feeling great so I stayed home, We have an understanding when it comes to bringing guys home so its no big deal if one of us should happen to.
But...Last weekend she went out like I said and around 3:00 am I woke to some s** noises coming from her room across from mine, No big deal, Good for her, Yeah, ok, it has been a while for me, I have been stupid busy with school lately and dealing with a family issue that is not a huge deal but has been consuming a lot of my time and it sounded like they were having a REALLY good time so I took care of myself.
Afterward I needed a drink so I went to the kitchen in my thong and tank top, I got a drink out of the fridge and as I turned around he was standing leaning against the wall looking at my ass, I stopped and stared at him and wouldn't you know it...It's my f****** ex, F***...Really, C'mon.
He looked at me and said "That ass is still lookin good", I just glared at him and walked past, As I did he gave me a smack on the ass and I couldn't even do anything, I just went to my room.
Thankfully he was gone in the morning which is one of our rules so the other doesn't accidentally get caught as we are comfortable with each other and are pretty much always in some state of undress it seems, She was already up and poured me a coffee, I sat down and wasn't going to say anything until I had a chance to collect my thoughts and I honestly hadn't slept much.
We often talk about it if one of us gets some and she said "Sorry if I was too loud last night" and I was going to leave it at that but she started talking more and said "But he is sooo huge", I had to stop her there and looked at her saying "Um...I know", She looked at me and said "Huh?", I said "He's my ex, Sorry, I was in the kitchen last night and he came in after...ya know".
Her eyes got huge and she said "I am so sorry, I had no idea", We talked for a while and she agreed that if she did ever see him again not to bring him back to our place, I don't really care if they date but I don't want to spend time with him, I filled her in on why we broke up which had to do with him and two strippers at his brothers stag while we were together.
I honestly hope she is smart enough not to get mixed up with him but I cant and wont stop her, I feel we all need to learn from our own mistakes.


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  • Why in the world would I want to f*** my ex who cheated on me, Use your heads.

  • Make sure you keep wearing those thongs.

  • Nothing says you can't have some fun. Join in with them and get some of that big c***.

  • Threesome?

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