My wife

Last year my wife had her first affair that lasted 9 days when we went on a cruise to Hawaii.
For the last couple of years for some reason I have had this desire to watch her with another man and we actually talked about it like two adults and she declined the offer after thinking about it.
We have always been very active riding bikes and we both since we retired joined a 24 hour fitness program and Chris looks very good for a woman almost 60 and I have caught several of the younger guys checking her out in her gym tights.
I think she likes the attention to because she will flirt with the guys innocently laughing at their jokes and gently fending off their advances.
We had never been on a cruise before and Princess Cruse lines has a ship the Grand Princess that S F is her home port and in July for our 27 th anniversary we booked 15 day Cruse to Hawaii and we boarded in SF after crossing the Bay.
It was still daylight when we went under the Golden gate Bridge taking pictures .
Later we had dinner up on the 14 th deck and for the next three days we sailed to Hilo the big Island .
Chris had joined a group doing a Zumba class and she liked it and she remarked that Jon her Zumba class instructor had been flirting with her I kidded her about her new boyfriend and I was having fun and I was also starting to wonder if something might come of it.
Well by the time we hit Hilo we knew that we did not have money enough to go on any of the excursions so we were talking about it after her last Zumba class when Jon came up and introduced himself to me and he was probably 35 but well built in his trainers tights .
We asked him what were the best things we could visit shore side and he offered to guide us around.
The next morning we met him on the dock and he took us to a bus station there said Hoppa On Hoppa Off It was a whirlwind day and Chris was very impressed listening to him as he guided us around and soon I found myself following behind them just a third wheel I was both excited in what might happen but also a little jealous at how much attention she was giving him and later she turned to me and said Jon wants us to have dinner with him tonight and I said Ok then they were off again.
That evening I was waiting for her to shower sitting on the stool because the shower stall was to small and she was still talking about how tomorrow he would show us how to see the Arizona Memorial with out having to join a group and I was getting a little p***** now and in spite I asked are you going to f*** him to and she was quiet for awhile and then she apologized saying I will call and cancel our dinner but my jealousy had passed and I was once again hoping to finally watch another man f*** her so we made it to diner and we were placed with a big table with two other couples .
Jon insisted on getting us a glass of wine before dinner and Chris very seldom drinks but she began to sip on her wine we visited with the other couples and I had to take a leak after dinner and when I returned Chris had another glass of wine in front of her and she was getting tipsy she said Jon has a double room with an ocean view and he wants to show it to us and I agreed baby patting my hand and I could see that she was feeling her drinks now I bided my time not sure how to bring something about and Chris was laughing at everything and the other couples teased her about being a cheap drunk .
Chris was really feeling her drinks now and Jon had one arm and I took her other to steady her as we went to the elevator and he was on the 12th level like we were but he had an Ocean View cabin.
Chris was wild about it and she EYWEDDD and AWYEEDDD as she looked around and his bed was a queen size instead of a double like ours and we talked and Jon glanced at me before asking Chris if she wanted another d*** and she accepted but she only sipped at it.
Jon had to pee so Chris and I looked out at the ocean and I moved behind her and I cupped her b****** and she giggled pushing back against me and I whispered in her ear I am going to let Jon f*** you.
She froze and gasped as I turned her around facing the bathroom door as the toilet flushed and I had my hands under her blouse pulling her bra up over her b****** as Jon stepped out and he looked at me with a question in his eyes My throat was horse as I said Chris likes you Jon you can f*** her if you want as I pulled her blouse and bra over her head.
Chris has small b****** 34 B-cup but they are still firm and nice I could see that her nipples were responding now and Jon inhaled sharply and moved toward us and I gently pushed Chris to him and they began to kiss and Chris reached sown grabbing his c*** she was out of control and very soon they were both naked and on the bed. Chris was gasping for breath as she backed up onto the bed and Jon followed her relentlessly his very large c*** swinging from side to side and Chris laid back opening her legs for him as she took his c*** in her hand and guided him into her then they were rutting like wild animals Chris cried out when he interred her then her body began to respond and she was clawing at his back as his hips began to thrust his c*** into her.
She came very quickly then he did to but they still laid there connected by his c*** as they kissed and fondeld each other I was watching in shock at how much she was enjoying this but it was also such a turn on His c*** head was half again the size as mine I guess they grow them big in Brazil.
Very soon they were going at again. an for the next 8 days they had a very intense affair and on our anniversary night she stayed with him the whole night as I tried to sleep half way down the ship. Another memorial time was when he f***** her on the top deck when she was leaning on the rail looking out over the water with the moon reflected on the water .
Jon stepped behind her and raised her skirt and pulled her pantry's to one side and stuck his c*** into her Chris said keep an eye out if anyone by comes and I did but one guy did come by while they were f****** but he only watched for a few seconds and left.
I have Tried several times since then to get her to do it again but she always tells me it was a wild time but now it is over.

Jun 1, 2020

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  • Sounds like my wife.

  • My wife and I cruise occasionally and I would love for us to have an experience like this.

  • That was awesome.

  • Chris short for Christine. If you are curious.

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