I confessed that when i was 16 i stole almost 700 dollars because i was being greedy and wanted more money. So i went on YouTube and searched how to get money and i went down to the comments and there was a hacker who could give me paypal money so i sent him an email and he said he needed 700 dollars so i can get the money. But my stupidity, i took my mom's debit card and took money out of her account and transfered to the hackers state through moneygram. i waited and he never got to me. And that's when i knew it was a scam. I regret it til this day.

Another story was i took almost 200 dollars from my dad to buy an xbox one from a friend and bought it but he wanted it back because of his parents and said if i didn't give it to him back he would get his brothers on me so i gave him back his xbox and he never gave it me my money back.

I regretted both of these things. I was a dumb kid who was just too greedy about money and too gullible and too stupid to fall for that stupid scam. I want to apologize but I don't know what to say. I am determined to pay all their money back. What should I do. I was really in a dark place. But i have found light Btw I am 19 now.
I am a christian and I betrayed Jesus and i have repented and have prayed because of the sins that i have committed.

Jun 3, 2020

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  • Bro its only 900 bucks and you would surely do more than that for your mom and dad. Glad you realized..glad you are not planning to commit suicide like another arseholes here. Good luck

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