So I asked my boyfriend to hang out and I suggested skating. his response was that he has to save his money for an xbox.Should I be angry?

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  • He doesn't "need" to save his money for a xbox,but he "chooses" to.It's a choice.But not going skating with you,is also a choice.Everyone has a right to implement their choices/decisions.Fair enough,you want to go skating with him and he said no.Respect his choice.However,if you want to go skating with him,maybe pay for both of you to go.It doesn't always has to be the guy in a relationship,that pays for everything.A relationship is a partnership.Each person,should contribute,equally.
    Does he always pay for your outings together? If yes,start contributing.It's gentlemanly for him to foot the bill on a first date.But as you're past that,as you're in relationship,it's now a equal partnership.The same way he'll treat you and suggest outings,do the same in return :)

  • The 2nd commentator has it right. Test it by offering to treat once or twice. Does he pay for stuff at all?

  • Suggest that the two of you go skating and you each pay your own way. If he can't spare a couple of bucks to spend time with his GF doing something she likes, then he's not worth having around.

  • Not if he really is saving up seriously for a xbox. Is he spending money in other places like the movies? He may be feeling a large amount of peer pressure to get one. It could be like how someone might make a purchase for a car which is beyond their means, but love the image it gives.

    Or he could have thought that the idea of skating sucked at the time. He is allowed to have an opinion. Did he offer another way to hang out?

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