I stole 60 dollars from my dad

(Only read if you understand Fortnite terms)

Me (14) and my dad (42) play a lot of Fortnite. He just started recently and decided to buy $100 of vbucks. Now over time I noticed he wasn't spending any of it. He would see things in the shop that he wanted but not get them. Meanwhile, I was going buy with no vbucks wanting some emotes or skins real bad.

So one day I selfishly decided to use his vbucks to gift a blue emote. And that started an addiction. So if I saw something I wanted I stole his vbucks to get it. I started to get almost every new item in the shop. But I didn't really realize how much it was adding up.

It's 2 weeks later and now I've spent $60 of his vbucks. I felt really bad so yesterday I confessed to him about stealing from him. But I didn't tell him how much I did. He was a little mad but said he was thankful I told him. I thought it was over but I was wrong.

Today I got $50 from someone and I spent it on vbucks. All was well until just a couple minutes ago he asked me to find out how many vbucks I spent and he would take it out of my $50. So I guess he didn't know that I already spent that money. He also assumed it was under $50, which it's not.

So I told him I already spent the $50 and he said he didn't care to still find out how much I stole. Then he said he would take probably take away my Xbox, ground me, etc. I said yes of course and told him that I'll find out tomorrow. I'm afraid to tell him but I guess I have to.

I just feel really bad and morally disgusted by myself. So to you dad, and everyone reading, I am truly and deeply sorry for what I did.

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  • It's all good dude, you're fighting an uphill battle right? You have been hooked by the corporation that is spending millions of dollars to design this game to make you addicted so they can line their pockets with your money, your father's money, etc.

    You're not the only one who's been in this situation other's have done much worse to get these digital items. Microtransactions in games have been controversial since their inception. Loot boxes are even worse and have been equated to gambling. Addiction is what you're fighting, not your father.

    You have a moral code and you have a conscience. That's why you wrote this post, that's why you confessed to your dad. You're a good guy at heart. We all fall victim to addiction whether it be spending money on OnlyFans when we know we should be saving it or spending hundreds of dollars on loot boxes to get that one "limited-time" item that we want.

    In retrospect that ** is meaningless and stupid as ** but in the moment we don't see it that way. You've already been honest with your dad once. You've done more than what cowardly people do. Next, I would sit down with him and tell him that you're facing this problem where you feel that you're getting so addicted and don't want to be put in a position to where you steal money to get these things.

    I know that sounds scary but you have to realize even though your dad may be mad at you, you already have his respect just for being a man and fessing up. You have to decide what's worth more to you in the long run - your dad's respect, and/or not landing in jail by getting caught stealing from someone else or these digital limited time items that are cool for the moment but get outdated in a month or two.

    Good luck my friend.

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