Step Sister

My step sister teased my unmercifully when we were growing up. She would flash me naked, but I wouldn't f*ck her because she was underage. When she turned 18, I popped her cherry. We now f*ck every chance we get when we are alone. I wonder how many other guys are s******* their step sisters, legal or underage? It's a temptation hard to resist when you are both living under the same roof.

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  • Another confession for sickFUCKING incest loving PEDO"S to wa nk to but I will troll it just like all the others.

  • I'm interested in my biological sister! I've always wanted to f*** her ever since she was about 13.

  • Nicer when they are younger and soooooooooo tight

  • No, not too young. Puberty is a must for me! I like to see pubic hair and some developing t***

  • Sickfucking pedos

  • No hair on it at all, t its just starting to bud mmmmmmmmmm

  • SICKfuck die

  • Bccghj

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